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Cheese Bullets

Ammunition for attraction and dispatch of vermin
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Having seen hard laundry soap moulded to the shape of bullets and used very effectively against rats, especially inside buildings, I see an enhanced use for cheese in a similar application.

Spent shot attracts rats to a particular spot, where another shot dispatches yet more rats.

The weapon used could be set up with a motion sensor and solenoid-actuated trigger, to create a "rat killing field" in the corner of a warehouse.

UnaBubba, Jul 18 2012

I hope it was a clean kill. — MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 19 2012 Maizechinegun
It has been a while since somebody buttered up [UnaBubba] [normzone, Sep 26 2016]


       Come on... they'll be popular with the French, if nothing else.
UnaBubba, Jul 19 2012

       We will prototype this and get back to you.
8th of 7, Jul 19 2012

       //Come on... they'll be popular on the French, if nothing else.//   

       Now, now - play nicely. M. Bonepart is long gone.
TomP, Jul 19 2012

       I'd heard of homing ammunition, but this is the first time I've heard of homing targets.
Loris, Jul 19 2012

       Yes … wonderful, isn't it ?   

       // M. Bonepart //   

       Despite being small of stature, ugly, malodourous, arrogant and agressive, Boney was in fact not french but Corsican. But we can see how the mistake could arise.   

       The idea will no doubt be grasped with joy by the french military, a.k.a. the Backwards Marathon team, as the perfect justification; "We had to surrender, our cheese-based ammunition was ineffective. Besides, we'd eaten most of it".
8th of 7, Jul 19 2012

       If the cheese bullet is inside a dead rat--which other rats will instinctively avoid--how will it attract rats?
Alterother, Jul 19 2012

       From what I saw of the after-effects of .303 calibre soap rounds, there's no "inside", in terms of the normal usage of that word, of the rat to be found.
UnaBubba, Jul 19 2012

       I hope it was a clean kill.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 19 2012

       This is true. I was operating under the assumption the cheese does not share the penetrative qualities of copper- jacketed lead. Even soap is harder than smoked gouda.   

       Dare I suggest... a frozen cheese bullet?
Alterother, Jul 19 2012

       The friability of cheese at 2750 fps means any rat in a beaten zone approximately 2 feet across at a range of 30 feet is effectively toast.
UnaBubba, Jul 19 2012

       That kind of muzzle velocity probably means necked rounds and an awful lot of pressure concenrated in the chamber. How do you propose to discharge the cartridge without destroying the cheese? Perhaps a sabot or a wadding cup...
Alterother, Jul 19 2012

       20-gauge with a plaswad ...   

       // effectively toast //   

       So, cheese on toast?   

       Current experimentaton is indicatin a .410 smoothbore may be optimum. Cleaning cheese out of rifling is slow and messy …   

       The other workable alternative maybe a 38mm flare pistol.
8th of 7, Jul 19 2012

       Maybe a 40mm M203 grenade launcher, underslung? We're talking cheeses of mass destruction, at this stage.
UnaBubba, Jul 19 2012

       I suggest a fonduethrower; it projects a stream of molten cheese up to 60 yards. Great for bunker-busting and house-to-house streetfighting.
Alterother, Jul 19 2012

       "… and then this ward is set aside entirely for cases of indigestion, constipation and obesity …"
8th of 7, Jul 20 2012

Alterother, Jul 20 2012


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