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Changing Rides

Crossover Reality TV
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Lawrence Llewellen-Bowen, Carol Smilie, Handy Andy and Linda Whatsername find 2 car enthusiasts, swap keys, and make all kinds of hideous bodywork accoutrements (probably out of MDF) such as spoilers and sideskirts. Engines are possibly re-engineered (cylinder heads on Linda's car painted in flowers and stripes I expect) and Handy Andy's speciality is converting cars into soft-tops using only an angle grinder, some old tent material, a piano hinge and some velcro.

At the end of the program the teams are handed their keys back, and we all laugh as they try desperately not to cry...

kmlabs, Apr 08 2005

Wooden car accessories http://www.killsome...e.asp?Type=3&ID=199
Who said wood doesn't go on cars? =) [kmlabs, Apr 08 2005]


       surprised you didn't call it "Pimp my Ride"
po, Apr 08 2005

       Yeah, but it's a crossover between Changing Rooms and Pimp My Ride...   

       Reading my post again, I didn't make it clear - 2 cars, 2 teams - each team works on the other's car (like in Changing Rooms)... sorry.
kmlabs, Apr 08 2005

       FYI: The U.S. version of "Changing Rooms" is called "Trading Spaces".
krelnik, Apr 08 2005


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