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Pit Stop Makeover

What happened to you??!
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Makeovers take a long time, it would seem. Or at least they do when made to fill the half hour needed for a reality show. But what about Now and Fast? I propose that the pitstop approach to car maintenance be applied to the TV reality show makeover.

The segment would start with hidden cameras stalking prospectives. The Pit Stop truck would be stocked with clothes etc appropriate for that sessions target. This might be at a club, a mall, a fair or theme park. The prospective candidate would be intercepted on returning from the bathroom or otherwise whisked away from his/her group. The makeover would be fast: 10 min. Hair, makeup, under and outerwear, glasses, posture coach etc all simulataneously. The made over participant would return transformed. I have to think there is precedent for this in live theater. Sometimes the makeover folks would not quite make it work or there would be accidents, which makes for good TV as well.

bungston, Aug 24 2009


       the TV version could have competing teams, seeing who could complete a makeover the fastest, possibly with a stopwatch displayed at the bottom of the screen.
CaptainClapper, Aug 24 2009

       a slight precedent in TV work: go to commercial and makeup droids swarm all over the on-air people for a minute [+]
FlyingToaster, Aug 24 2009

       How about a fusion of this and Cash Cab?   

       "Makeover Cab". Picking random people up off the street and making them over during the cab ride.
DrWorm, Aug 24 2009

       Great idea. It would be kind of scary being ambushed by a bunch of people in a truck when you're alone, though.   

       How about the ambush could be ordered by friends, so if someone shows up and could really use a makeover, the friends call the 'makeover ambulance' and it pulls up and then the friends know it's coming so you can be reassured that it's legit.   

       Kind of like a really fast 'what not to wear'!
paix120, Aug 24 2009

       HA! Love it bungsie. Love it.
blissmiss, Aug 24 2009

       The less-successful cost-reduced spinoff version of the show would simply specialize in buzz-cuts.   

       I could also see parodies done by people calling to take their most stylish friends and work them over with horribly Chavlike or trailer trash results, maybe as a special every Halloween or so.
RayfordSteele, Aug 25 2009


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