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Extreme Makeover Country Edition

World leaders submit videos to be considered for extreme country makeover
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World leaders petition a commercial, non-military entity to be considered for an extreme socio-political makeover. This could be a smash television hit of epic proportions with major advertising dollars up for grabs. The team of experts include team members who specialize in global culture change, non-violent movements, radical revisionism, etc. Because the country asks for the makeover, the team has free reign of the government to make any necessary change, and they would be backed by huge amounts of global money-makers and billionaires so they would have money to make strategic infrastructure changes. When the country is undergoing the makeover, the leaders would be sent away to Disneyworld for a 2 year sabbatical. They would be schooled by the masters of political science, and treated to fun at the parks. If they get bored, they can travel the world on a world-wide cruise. Of course, the head team member of Extreme Makeover Country Edition would call and "play with their minds" and send mock videos of ruined buildings and say things like, "Whoa! Look at your country! It's o.k. we're putting it back together later." Finally, imagine the "after" shots of the country. It would remind one of paradise!
simple124, May 03 2004


       "My God! Why didn't we think of that?" --Dick Cheney
wgmcg, May 03 2004

       This could almost work. A very small, poor, island nation with tourism potential could be made over into a trendy vacation destination.   

       And the country application videos would be a riot.
Laughs Last, May 03 2004

       Can i book the Uk in for this service??
engineer1, May 04 2004

       Well, that cheered me up. Thanks.
k_sra, May 12 2004


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