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Chaos Pogo

asynchronous fun
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The kids tired of their boring old pogo sticks? No challenge, they say?

Try chaos pogo. It looks like a regular pogo, but instead of one spring it has two. Two springs in series. Joining them is a mass – a heavy steel slider. (Springs and mass slide within the hollow pogo tube.)

The chaos: sometimes the mass moves in sync with the you, sometimes not. Sometimes you are virtually flat-lined, sometimes bouncing like mad.

Its crazy.
pluterday, Mar 11 2003


       I forsee all kinds of liability problems. +
my face your, Mar 11 2003

       Add to it a rotating, slightly angled foot (the base of the pogo stick) and you've got yourself some real excitement!
Worldgineer, Mar 11 2003

       + for the concept. Not quite grasping the mechanics though.
half, Mar 11 2003

       [half] Two masses are moving up and down – one is the kid and the other is the sliding steel rod in the pogo housing. If the rod happens to be moving up just before the kid moves up, the kid will be propelled higher. If the rod is moving in opposition to the kid, it will dampen her motion. There will be roughly the same amount of each going on, but it won’t be predictable -- which is somewhat surprising for such a simple system.

[Shz] Really! Where?
pluterday, Mar 11 2003

       [Shz] Thanks! I’m looking at the database now. I see a pogo with multiple springs for the purpose of spring force customization, but not with the mass element. And the stick won’t be chaotic without it.
pluterday, Mar 11 2003

       I couldn’t find it. Croissant – mucho fun!
Shz, Mar 11 2003

       So the two springs are in series with the mass separating them: spring|mass|spring. Got it.   

       Having said that, based on similar chaos present when two people are jumping on a trampoline, I don't think I'd find it to be all that much fun.
half, Mar 11 2003

       Okay for the kids, but my knees will object to anything unpredictable-like. Could it support me at the waist or something?   

       Seg..... nah... I won't say it. overdone.
RayfordSteele, Mar 11 2003

       Howabout mounting a swivelling caster on the bottom of the stick? Lawsuit city!
Cedar Park, Mar 11 2003


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