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Mountain Pogo!

Heavy duty off-road pogo stick
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Basically a pogo stick built up for use in hard terrain like a mountain bike. I picture a big heavily built chrome plated Pogo, extended leather grip handle bars, pnumatic suspension spring with adjustable bounce settings, and a large heavy treaded rubber foot for griping on steep slopes and in thick mud. Built for the Extreme pogo enthusiast for whom no montain is too tall to hop! The foot plates are fitted with stirrups to prevent the hopper comming off mid-bound! With a good mountain pogo stunt bouncing become a possibility.

protective gear sold separately.

Bronzewing, Dec 17 2004


       Interesting but, in my opinion, a tragic waste of an excellent product name. Surely it would be better to incorporate all the off road pogo gubbins, yes, but to also include a large stiff bustle-style attachment that surrounds the waist of the rider, along with the stick, and is shaped and created so as to look like, well, a mountain. If sufficiently stiff, it could provide a training wheels-esque help for the beginner, as well as making the user look like he's climbing out of the top of a miniature bouncing Munro.
calum, Dec 17 2004

       One of the more pointless world records is I believe 'the greatest number of stairs climbed by pogo stick'   

       'Record Breakers' a UK tv show which used to be good when it had Roy Castle on it, recorded a man pogoing to the top of the CN tower in Toronto.   

       His stick had a shin protector in case he crashed in to any steps.   

       I seem to remember he fell off once or twice but that didn't seeem to affect his record.
rambling_sid, Dec 17 2004


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