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Sbogo - Suspended bouncing pogo stick

Bounce high from the ground. The spring is above you not below.
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"Hang-glide pogo stick" (not the parasol idea): rather than standing on the pogo stick, you are suspended under it from an elastic cable with a bungee harness. The stick or rather bow, curves to the ground behind - and over and under you.

The "stick" would be more of a "bow" - So maybe it should be called BowGo.

Once you are high up in the air, by holding another cable connected close to the Sbogo's ground contact, you can yank it into the air and send it in any direction, or just enjoy bouncing high in one place.

An improvement would be to have a double bow, so that you could "jump walk" with a single bow in each hand.

Other improvements:

a. Devices for keeping the bow at hand: Your harness is connected to the bow with an O ring, or connected to a "bowstring" to keep you close.

b. Devices for allowing this to be extremely lightweight: Make the bow itself be the spring. Or have the bow with a path along its back leading an elastic cable, so that it's structure holds.

pashute, Mar 29 2011

Sbogo schematic https://docs0.googl...16il-tz4/edit?hl=iw
on google docs [pashute, Apr 11 2011]


       like spiderman? not picturing this.
dentworth, Mar 29 2011

       I can almost picture it with a flexible bow... but I'm with [dent]: more details plx.
FlyingToaster, Mar 29 2011

       Take a giant bow (from a bow and arrow). Relax the tension on the bowstring. Hang a harness tied to the the top of the bowstring. Tie a rope to the bottom of the bow string, and hold it in your hand.   

       The bow reaches from your feet to the above your head, arching behind you. Start po-going. (Nothing to do with [po]).   

       The original idea uses a bow that is only slightly elastic or could even be rigid. The elasticity would come from the harness-suspending rope.   

       Should be easy to make as a toast.
pashute, Mar 30 2011

       added schematic
pashute, Apr 11 2011

       [+] nice diagram... but if the harness is suspended elastically then you're going to be bashing your head on the bow all the time... how'bout a pole instead, with a universal joint at the top where it connects to the bow.
FlyingToaster, Apr 11 2011


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