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Charity Banner Portal

Central site for charitable banner ads
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Web site: repository for banner ads for charities, useful for other web site owners that want to host charitable banner ads.

Catalogs them by subject area, and by banner size, and includes a short description of the charity, and a link to the charity's site.

I found one instance of this when looking for charitable banners for quicktopic.com, but it wasn't very complete or well done, as I recall. A quick Google search for "charity banners" and "charitable banners" doesn't turn up anything in the first page.

I'm serious about this one. Since something done well needs funding, barring a completely altruistic benefactor, this would be great PR for whatever portal or other major site wanted to host it.

Any big site reps listening? If not, anyone want to collaborate?

syost, Mar 10 2000

(?) Ad Council banners http://www.adcounci...fr_camp_online.html
Good example of an existing single-org banner repository. [syost, Mar 10 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Nonprofit Online News http://www.gilbert.org/news/
I would be more than happy to help. I'm the publisher of Nonprofit Online News and the Director of Internet Nonprofit Center. -- Michael mcg@gilbert.org [mgilbert, Mar 10 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

thehungersite http://www.thehungersite.com/
Donates food for every ad you view. [rmutt, Mar 10 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Volunteer for doing the web-design-for-charitble-orgs web site. http://www.quicktop...qwbFCrVWgVb7ZYUbLiu
[syost, Mar 10 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Good article on Red Herring's charitable efforts http://www.redherri.../mag-angler-78.html
"If you want to help someone, you do not have to join us; all you need to do is look around you." - Mother Theresa, quoted in the article. [syost, Mar 10 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

banner ad trading house http://www.matchcraft.com/
i believe this company's product would efficiently integrate charity banners [gnormal, Mar 10 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Givle http://www.givle.com
Integrating google with blackle, and giving the ad revenue to charity [sprogga, Jan 22 2008]


       Another related thing that I've been thinking of doing is a website for matching charitable organizations with web designers--mostly college students, but really whoever. I think there is a real need out there for very low cost or pro bono web development in the community service world. You'd say, I have five hours up for grabs, know Javascript, HTML, etc, how can I help. Is this too idealistic?
mcfrank, May 18 2000

       Let's see how realistic your idea is, mcfrank -- we'll start with the site itself. Let's see if we can gather enough volunteers to bootstrap the site. So, volunteer at the link to the left.
syost, May 19 2000


       This strips all banner ads. I don't see any reason to give random charitable organizations any more or less of my attention than random profitable organizations.   

       That said, I think charitable organizations are beneficial. I also think that the IRS should view every dollar paid to charity as a dollar of taxes paid -- so that I can, if I choose, give my hard-earned money to support the causes I care about. And, charities generally run 10-20% overhead; the government (US) runs about 51% overhead -- which means more than half of the dollar they collected from you was spent merely in the act of collecting it.   

       If you're looking for a worthwhile charity, check out http://www.fairtax.org -- eliminate the IRS!
Thing 1, Jul 27 2000

       Funny thing: I use an ad-blocker too (interMute). I even wrote a prototype ad-blocker in Perl before interMute, webwasher, and junkbuster were available.   

       However, if a good amount of the ads I saw weren't trying to get me to buy something, I'd be more inclined to turn it off.   

       In any case, what you imply by reference is right: the success of this does certainly rely on the fact that most people don't use ad-blockers.
syost, Jul 27 2000

       I go to thehungersite.com every day. I don't know how much it helps though.
futurebird, Feb 19 2001

       Seems to have caught on. See the link to givle.com - This site uses google ad revenue to support charity.
sprogga, Jan 22 2008

       I'm against the concept of charity as such, so I can't croissant this idea.
django, Jan 22 2008


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