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Charity Geek Code

MakeBonoHistory / LiveStrong
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Inspired by MFCB (see link)..

There are, indeed, a proliferation of charity bracelets around at the moment, and wearing one for each would surely be cumbersome.

I therefore propose a Charity Geek Code, which could then be used to adorn once simple bracelet or T-shirt so people know exactly where you stand on the basic charitable topics:

Equality of opportunity
Equality of outcome
Heriditary disease
Communicative diseases
Lending own skills to others

then delving down into the specifics of which ones in particular you're most concerned about.

neilp, Jul 25 2005

Multi Functional Charity Bracelets Multi-functional_20charity_20bracelets
magnetobracelets might just help [neilp, Jul 25 2005]

Geek Codes http://www.geekcode.com/geek.html
for those who aren't geeky enough. [neilp, Jul 25 2005]

Buy a "Make Bono History" t-shirt here http://www.shotdead...d.com/?cPath=100_20
[hippo, Jul 25 2005]


       //MakeBonoHistory// - HAHAHA!!!
wagster, Jul 25 2005

       How about a T-Shirt with a printed checklist on the front? Go to any charity worker and pay to have whichever boxes you want officially stamped/marked.
fridge duck, Jul 25 2005

       Works in theory, however the proliferation of said bracelets is creating a fair deal of money for these charities. An all in one bracelet would be good for making your opinions on charities succintly. But it would not be so good for the charities themselves. Also, who would actually say that they don't support any of the charitable topics mentioned?   

       [fridge duck]'s version seems like an improvement though.
hidden truths, Jul 25 2005

       There's not enough of these already? The tennis commentator (I can't think of his name) for NBC had 3 of these freakin' things on yesterday. Let's not encourage the practice.
Noexit, Jul 25 2005

       One could do something along the same lines as the military, which condensed its medals into coded colorful boxes, to be worn as a single block.
bungston, Apr 19 2010

       sp. "Bonobo"
FlyingToaster, Apr 20 2010


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