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Charity Bowl

Who gives more, progressives or conservatives? Let's look at the numbers the beautiful model is standing in front of...
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There's been some contentious debate about who has more largess, progressive liberals or conservatives. Recent polls seem to point pretty squarely to one group but I'm not going to say who because that's not the point.

Once a year, have a tv marathon featuring left vs right to see who can raise more money for charity. Have a stage, performers, a master of ceremonies all in front of a massive lit up sign with illuminated bar graphs showing which group has given more. The liberal and conservative side would each have different numbers for donors to call and pledge money.

The MC would goad the group that was presently behind to give more, taunting them and saying things like "Well, looks like the kind loving humanitarian liberals have given 5 million more. Looks like you conservative guys needed to save your money to buy new croquet hoops this year eh? That's ok, let the poor eat dogfood, those hoops are gonna shine!" Then if the conservatives pull ahead, the same guy says "Well well well, it's nice to talk about how generous you are at your little elitist cocktail parties but when it's time to really give I guess you'd rather spend your money by going to the local shaman to get your chakras re- aligned eh? Screw the poor if it means spending your own money right?"

I understand that most sane people don't identify 100% with either side but like rooting for the Super Bowl team that's not from your city this year, "Who do you like a little better?"

In the end, charity benefits.

As a libertarian who thinks both sides are nuts, I'd love to be the MC for this thing.

doctorremulac3, Dec 31 2010

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       Happy New Year everybody, AntiQuark, 21 Quest and anybody else I may have tussled with in 2010 included. (No, I'm not being sarcastic)   

       Wishing a peaceful, prosperous and interesting 2011 to all! <:)
doctorremulac3, Dec 31 2010

       //In the end, charity benefits.// Which is great, or at least it would be if the charities involved actually did charitable stuff, and weren't impressively well constructed tax-efficiency vehicles for the incredibly rich.   

       Consider the options, you have a very large house, lots of money, and the government is taxing you at every opportunity. What to do? Simply put the house into trust along with the rest of your vast wealth and appoint yourself the trustee - sit back, get to play lawn-tennis on the veranda and hire a team of do-gooding (but exceedingly cost-effective) flunkies to distribute a bit of the remaining cash around - just as long as it's marginally less than what the taxman would have taken, you're doing just fine kiddo! If you get other people to support you with their charitable donations, even better!
zen_tom, Jan 04 2011

       The extreme left and the extreme right meet out back behind the woodshed and are very hard to tell apart.   

       /who thinks both sides are nuts/ and the nuts are hard to tell apart as well.
popbottle, Aug 10 2014


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