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Charles Manson Tamagotchi

Virtual Pet with special needs.
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Feed him! Love him! Give him cigarettes, heroin & tattoos!

This is perhaps 3/4 baked because I've already created a "virtual" version which can be found at the link below.

However, I *really* want a corporeal version dangling from my key chain!!

jbum, Apr 02 2002

Charles Manson Tamagotchi (java required) http://www.jbum.com...m/tama/tamalob.html
Proof of concept... [jbum, Apr 02 2002]


       is he still alive? this is a weird idea for a tamagotchi, someone who has wasted away in prison for 30 years. couldn't we feed and nurture someone likeable? This madman's bunch murdered among others, a beautiful and pregnant young actress.
po, Apr 02 2002

       link is pretty iffy too
po, Apr 02 2002

       <sick thoughts> Hell, I'd play with this... sad to admit it... but if it's baked, then it's baked... how about someone write about a customizable torture Tamagotchi? Hmm.... I always forget to feed the damn things anyway, I'd like to see them get all emaciated and sad, and then die an elaborate death scene.... </sick thoughts>
polartomato, Aug 08 2002


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