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Virtual Pet Rock

Tiresome Maintenance Ends Today
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Think back to that odd tamagotchi craze. Remember the odd pet-rock craze? Presenting here the fusion of two fads, the Virtual Pet Rock. Updated for today, virtual pet rock has all the warmth and cuddliness of the original, and none of the troubling care-taking and beeping of the other virtual pets.
MalibuStarfish, Feb 15 2002

Chibibotto http://tinkerville.cutthatout.com/
My wife and I have one of these each. [thumbwax, Feb 15 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Virtual Pet Rock http://www.virtualpetrock.nl/
For MacOS 10.4. [jutta, Apr 16 2006]


       i had to put my pet rock down, saddest day of my life. my fault though, i should have chosen a lighter rock! ha ha ha ha ha god damnit im funny, I just thought of that right now, holy hell thats great!
schmendrick, Sep 27 2005

       i had a program once with a pet rock, mine grew up to be an asteroid and you could battle online with them... it rocked!!!   

       /me wants the game back
seraphim, Nov 12 2005


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