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Toy Robot from Hell, or..

Or from heaven or whatever you want
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This would be a Toy Robot to show kids how our thoughts shape us. What I am thinking is that the robot could have a huge forehead where a sort of organization chart of the “robots thoughts” would be shown. But the organization chart would have different settings for each thought on the chart.

At the top of the chart would be the most important thoughts like religion showing different available settings like: Christian, atheist, Hindu, agnostic, Satanist, Buddhist, etc. Other thoughts in the top of the chart could be Sexual Orientation with settings as: straight, lesbian, transgender, gay (actual gender would be set outside the chart).

And so going down the chart a bunch of other thought categories each with different option settings. Some that come to mind are color associations, sexual associations (conservative, naturist, repressed, etc), race and body associations, interests, ethics, etc. So as you change the thoughts of the robot he would behave in a different way. So if you made it a sort of hippy the robot would say things like: yeaah maan, cosmic, surf the vibe, peace and love and might even project psychedelic images with groovy music. But you could also make him a rationalist or a nerd or even a racist narrow minded pig. So it would be fun to see all the things the robot says as you change the settings. And there might be more advanced versions of the robot with much more settings so you can make any character you want. This toy could be useful to discover what your kid is really like and as psycology experiment. I can imagine some kids making the settings match that of some other kid in their school to make fun or stuff like that. There might be many uses for a toy like that.

Aluxe, Oct 10 2003


       A 'stereotypomaton', if you will.
krelnik, Oct 10 2003

       thank goodness, I thought it was a tory robot from hell..
po, Oct 10 2003

krelnik, Oct 10 2003

       Reference: Tamagochi.
You could always throw it away but that would be missing the point. There have also been 'automated babies' that smile and cry in all the right places that have been given to 'potential young mums' in the UK. They hated them.
I can't believe that you can take a baby exercise seriously until you have the real thing that can't be thrown away.
gnomethang, Oct 10 2003

       Verges seriously on magic robot technology.   

       But really, "useful to discover what your kid is really like" - as if! I suspect you are a kid yourself and you feel, like most teenagers, that your parents don't really know what you are like. Trust me in this: they do, but that is not the point. Even if your parents fully understood every thought in your head and every move that you made, you would still have the biological determination to leave home that is usually reflected in being argumentative and stroppy and feeling that your parents do not understand you.
DrCurry, Oct 10 2003

       We are all robots...
catch22, Oct 11 2003

       We Are? That explains this little switch on the back of my ne
gnomethang, Oct 12 2003


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