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Cheap Dental Veneers

A low cost alternative to expensive cosmetic dentistry
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Gone are the days of super-expensive porcelain and composite veneers to fix those unsightly stains. The el-cheepo alternative goes something like this:

A person would go to a chemist store and purchase the Veneer kit. Said person would take home the kit and descover a thin plastic sheet (like the kind you get model decals on) with a sticky side, coloured like the perfect Hollywood smile. The person would press their teeth agaist the sheet making an impression. Now all that is left to do is cut out the the teeth shapes and stick them to his actual teeth. 30 sheets would be included in the kit, making it last for a month (the decals would need to be changed about once a day).

A couple of alternatives to this are tray made plastic impressions which "clip" onto the teeth, and a white clay like tasteless solution thinly applied over the teeth. There would be some limitations to these cheap veneers:

* they would be prone to the wear and tear of eating * because the enamel of the teeth havn't been filed down a tiny fraction (like real veneer preperation) the plastic clip on option would make your teeth slightly larger.

Although inferior to professional veneers, the budget variety would be an effective, low cost alternative at around $30 - $60 a kit. Temporary decal "tooth tatoos" do exist but I have never seen a white coloured variety that cover the whole tooth for cosmetic reasons.

Hby20, Jan 30 2003


       The major problem with this, if it works as granted, is anaerobic bacteria will be able to exist under the veneer's. The bacteria, such as S. mutans, will be protected from ones attempts at hygene and destroy the teeth.
ImBack, Jan 30 2003

       Could you incorporate a bactericide in the adhesive ?
8th of 7, Jan 30 2003

       yeah I guess you could include a bacterial protection solution etc. Would the fact that you would change the veneers daily (meaning you could brush and floss your actual teeth)and not wear them at night help with the hygene side of things? And yip, they are a lot like colour change eye contacts....I also think the clay idea is a bit impractical (to say the least) now I think about it!
Hby20, Feb 01 2003

       i like this as a temp. solution.
TonyJaguar, May 23 2006

       isn't this more like the stone-soup? after stone is added, all it needs is a little beef, and some tomatoes, and [...]. All your invention needs is a do-it-yourself dental print and some do-it-yourself material shaping, do-it-yourself [whatever dentists do]. - moreover, that's already been baked.
sweet, May 23 2006


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