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carbon fiber dental implants

high performance chewing.
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instead of stainless, ceramic, or precious metals. these would be lighter and stronger than other restorative materials. can you imagine, maybe a Kevlar/ceramic core? cool.
TonyJaguar, May 22 2006

Artist's Impression http://www.whocolla...mages/discolkam.jpg
[DrCurry, May 23 2006]


       A black and yellow implant? Not very cool.
methinksnot, May 22 2006

       Weak, ugly and not needed. Poor spelling, too. -
baconbrain, May 22 2006

       Do you think it's appropriate to talk about a new user that way? :)
half, May 22 2006

       They could be any color you like. and thank you half, in full.
TonyJaguar, May 22 2006

       Pray tell Tony, how would you have us colour these implants of yours?
methinksnot, May 22 2006

       hmm, that's a good one. i suppose the same way that body panels on cars are colored. There are a wide variety available. i suppose the color is inserted under a layer of resin. gosh i dunno. DRATS. I am sure that spaceshipone was carbo.., enzo, elise, wait i will call burt. I think love this idea.
TonyJaguar, May 22 2006

       and i suppose to really blow some domes. weave fiber optic cables in with the regular material for the potential of a truly glowing smile.
TonyJaguar, May 22 2006

       "the same way that body panels on cars are colored", so...you're proposing painted teeth?   

       My porcelain/gold crowns seem about as strong as I'll ever need. I suppose I could chew faster if the mass of my teeth could be reduced. Are dentures lighter than real teeth?
half, May 23 2006

       Were we to colour these implants in the same way as automobile manufacturers do their product's panels, do you not think the painted finish would get chipped rather quickly? perhaps even some of the paint would be swallowed?
Young master Jaguar, you need to propose a solution that is at least sophistic for your ideas to be even considered in this forum.
methinksnot, May 23 2006

       I dunno. Jet black teeth would be kinda fun. How good is carbon fibre for keeping its shape under pressure, and chewing?   

       Have a bun, anyway.
DrCurry, May 23 2006

       for the love of god. carbon fiber is not painted. the colour is applied between the resin and the fibers. and yes chewing faster would be really funny to watch. beware of your jaw seizing up. i am no count on linking stuff. so look it up. dag yoos if ruff
TonyJaguar, May 23 2006

       [DrC], carbon fibre-based composites perform extremely well under the dynamic loads chewing would create. These materials do tend to creep under sustained loads if they exceed a certain threshold, so design needs to be pretty conservative in case the patient suffers from bruxism.
I am not sure I share your enthusiasm for black teeth.

       [TJ], I forgot to ask you what type of resin you propose to use. It needs to be tremendously resistant to abrasion and I can't find anything good enough to do the job.
methinksnot, May 23 2006

       i am certain if burt rutan can create a spaceship (a white one) that could sustain the enormous strain of low earth orbit and re-entry, that this could be done. anywhoo i think sir richard branson already has these.
TonyJaguar, May 23 2006

       "for the love of god. carbon fiber is not painted. the colour is applied between the resin and the fibers."   

       If you knew that, I don't understand why you didn't just say that in the first place. And why did you get bent out of shape about it when someone else appeared not to know?
half, May 23 2006

       //And why did you get bent out of shape//
It's the sustained load [half]. It always buggers up the composites.

       //low earth orbit and re-entry//
methinksnot, May 23 2006

       because my teeth hurt and i am on pain killers and felt i was getting attacked. jeepers all you guys seem so smart and i just want fit in. Truthfully I did not know I knew that and I had to look it up. But the pain part is true.
TonyJaguar, May 23 2006

       No attacks [TJ]. Certainly no offense intended, just exploring your idea a bit more thoroughly. I hope you get over your pain soon.
methinksnot, May 23 2006

       Ha! If I ever seem smart, it's for of the same reason you know how they color carbon fiber panels.
half, May 23 2006

       maybe if i had carbon fiber floss none of this would be happening.
TonyJaguar, May 23 2006

       Unless you thread it, it frays, gets stuck in your gums and infects them, causing gingivitis.
methinksnot, May 23 2006

       yeah, that's awkward.
TonyJaguar, May 23 2006

       Perhaps they might find a niche with Japanese traditionalists. In mediaeval Japan, a blindingly white smile was considered a rather unfortunate defect. Black lacquered teeth were de rigeur.   

       On another subject, I rather liked this site when I found it. Now I find out that it's populated, in part, by petulant and dogmatic buffoons whose best input is "you can't spell". What a waste of the newbie user's time to get that kind of feedback. Surely people are enlightened enough to understand the seed of an idea without it being wrapped in razor sharp prose and perfect spelling?
neuro, May 23 2006

       There's a balance, [neuro]. On the one hand, less-than-perfect spelling is not a crime and shouldn't be treated as such. On the other hand, not taking the time to use a spell-checker is something of an insult to the people who are going to read your idea. If you don't care enough about it to do a proper job, why should you expect anyone to pay attention to it?   

       Hang in there, [Tony]. Don't try to stare them out, and they'll leave you alone eventually. It's not such a bad place if you get past the door guards.
david_scothern, May 23 2006

       And here I was assuming that everything and everyone on this site approached things in a playful, humorous way and that all is said tongue-in-cheek.
So what if you can't spell correctly? This is an international forum and you have to expect spelling and grammaticorical mistakes from people whose first language is not English, such as me.
So what if your idea is shot down? People are just playing around with your concept and you have to expect different points of view, some of them unfavourable.
C'mon, can't we all just get along... board?
methinksnot, May 23 2006

       The social/political discussion this has generated is very amusing. Kinda' remind's me of C-SPAN. I do enjoy this site. Getting my implant on thursday. Though not carbon fiber.
TonyJaguar, May 23 2006

       My smile is half-massed
reensure, May 24 2006

       Wouldn't know. I clean my car with a cloth, I don't lick it. That said, it's the resin matrix rather than the carbon fiber that needs to stand up to saliva.
methinksnot, May 24 2006


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