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Chess With Revels

Chocolate Chess, albeit Debatable
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Chess sets are often carved from soapstone, or chiselled of granite, or perhaps otherwise brought about of otherstuff, such as - perhaps - corrugate material. What silliness!

Now, after analysis, it is apparent that the sweet-packet callled 'Revels' that one can 'buy' in practically any shop of papers or confectionery or general selling of wares contains just enough 'chocolates' (bits) to enable a Chess Set of renown and good favour.


Paeanut => 'Porn' (of course) Choc-o-disk => 'Rook!' Toffee => 'Knight!' Scenty Orange => 'Bishop!' Coffee/Coconut (on whim) => 'Queen!' Malteser(TM) => 'King'

I bet I've forgotten something, but never mind.

And what you really need is a board of convex squares. This may at first sight sound quite amusing or nonsewhile, but really it just means that you must press your thumb really very hard into each square, until it dents fully.

Cheap Dreams.

(if cricket is chess on grass, then chess-with-revels must be 'cricket-by-cucumber-proxy', I think)

eehen, Jul 13 2000

And for the grownups http://www.firebox....bachelor/p_115.html
Shot Glass Chess (and idea's baked and being sold too) [quanta, Jul 13 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Astor 3pd Belgian Chocolate Chess Set http://www.sandscri...tions/gif/chess.jpg
Corporate giveaway, w/ board, $139 retail. [jutta, Jul 13 2000]

9 oz small Chess Set http://www.sweetgif...hop/product111.html
$16.50 [jutta, Jul 13 2000]

4.81 pounds, w/board. http://www.chocolatechess.com/
Enough to smother your opponent. [jutta, Jul 13 2000]


       You get to eat the pieces you capture, I take it.   

       They don't really call them "porns" in the UK, do they?
egnor, Jul 13 2000

       No, we generally call them prawns. Knights are usually known as horseys.
Lemon, Jul 13 2000

       In Sweden the "prawns" are called "farmers", apparently, and the queen is called a "riot grrrl"
harquin, Jul 13 2000

       What about the bishops?
lucidish, Aug 13 2000

       They wear funny hats.
StarChaser, Aug 13 2000

       English not your first language eehen?
Haemavore, Sep 24 2000

       ...and the Bishop said to the Queeeen, "In THIS room?" What mirth! Now what happenstance befell me bloody cucumber?!
thumbwax, Sep 25 2000

       You can't always tell what a Revel contains before biting into it.
shippo, Sep 25 2000

       Chessboard made from alternately coloured pink and white marshmallows.
hippo, Sep 25 2000

       It'll make a spigmy pulsate.
thumbwax, Sep 30 2000

       See links. There's plenty of chocolate sets to go around. Nothing with candy, though.
jutta, Sep 30 2000

       Great idea. In some languages (ex. Serbian/Croatian), the term for capturing pieces in chess is "eating" them. The chocolate set makes it a reality... a great way to motivate kids to learn chess. However, the set would have to be fairly inexpensive.
danilom, Mar 17 2001

       You could play Go with (e.g.) the red-and-green M&Ms they sell near Christmas, or any other candy with two types. It would make scoring harder, though.
wiml, Mar 19 2001

       peanut allergy sufferers can also play russian roulette with revels.
stupop, Aug 17 2001

       How about Oreo Cookie Checkers? (The miniatures in contrasting colours?) Winner eats all?
bluto, May 16 2003

       I voted for this but I have one major concern. Should your pawn reach the opposite side of the board is your opponent required to regurgitate which ever piece you want back? Perhaps there would be a pin w/ sign indicating the piece's new status.
Zimmy, May 17 2003


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