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Tanker Chess

What else would you do with decommissioned battle tanks?
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The world is awash with decommissioned military equipment, most of which is later sold to progressively poorer countries and often turned against those countries' peoples by despots and dictators.

We don't need to do it this way! Thirty-two tanks of varying sizes, paint/marker rounds, smoke bombs and tank crews of 3-4 persons per vehicle can participate in an exciting spectator sport.

Smaller vehicles for pawns; larger and more elaborate ones for the back row and exciting livery designs to make recognition of "pieces" easier could make this a TV sport that appeals to a massive audience.

No more watching puny toys demolishing each other on "Junkyard Wars". This is much closer to the real thing. Hell, it might even be possible to resolve international conflicts this way, without bloodshed.

Register your interest now.

UnaBubba, Apr 11 2012


       <C. Eastwood>   

       That was paint!   

       <\C. Eastwood> [+]
Alterother, Apr 11 2012

       I will say, the guy who manages to set up an armor paintball field will make a mint.
MechE, Apr 11 2012

       As a practical matter, I think a despot might think twice about sending a column of tanks into a neighborhood which was home to numerous civilians who were adept at operating said tanks. So, yeah, train everybody.   

       (p.s. I was skeptical the *last* time this account came un-dead.)
lurch, Apr 11 2012

       I have been un-dead before? Why did no-one tell me this?
UnaBubba, Apr 11 2012

       It's always a shock. Just take some time and let the idea set in.
Alterother, Apr 11 2012

       Umm... OK... I'll just go check if I can see myself in the mirror, or whether I've developed a craving for human brains. (There are none in this office, so I can't really tell whether I have, at the moment).
UnaBubba, Apr 11 2012

       You'll note I was talking about the account, not you personally. I wouldn't expect the status of one's HB account to make a person into a zombie. Usually. (OK, there were a number of exceptions for the Crash of '04.)
lurch, Apr 11 2012

       I know a couple of people who own decommissioned tanks. I'm reasonably certain they'd love to do something like this idea suggests.   

       Perhaps WWII era Jeeps could be used as pawns.
UnaBubba, Apr 12 2012

       With modern tank technology, a scorched earth-like game would be rather short.
RayfordSteele, Apr 12 2012

       //I have been un-dead before? Why did no-one tell me this//   

       Which would make you now un-undead...hang on..surely that just means actually dead? If so, nifty typing on the oija keyboard there..
not_morrison_rm, Apr 12 2012

       Curse you, [UB], you leave us no option ... [+]
8th of 7, Apr 12 2012

       Welcome back to the half-bakery, [UnaBubba].   

pertinax, Apr 14 2012


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