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Fireworks Chess

Normal rules, explosive pieces
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Firecracker chess is played with normal rules, BUT!

The board is larger, each square 3 inches by 3 inches.

When a piece is "captured", the string on that piece is lit, and in a couple of seconds, it explodes "BANG!", hence the large squares (blast radius).

The more important the piece, the bigger the BANG, and each piece is a different firework!

The pawns can be like a cut-off piece of a firecracker, but the king will be an M60 and the queen cound be one of those rocket!

This could be done with many other games, too!



DesertFox, Jan 28 2005


       Nice but, let me remind you: there's this rule in chess. When one of the pieces reaches the opposite side of the board, you get one of your "captured" pieces back. How, then, would you get it back if it was previously blown up?
Pericles, Jan 29 2005

po, Jan 29 2005

       What exactly do you mean by that [po]?
wagster, Jan 29 2005

       [pericles] - You'd need a new set for every game, they should just put an extra pawn in every box. They'd only be squibs anyway.
wagster, Jan 29 2005

"I'm not in check!"
"No, I mean check your fingers! I think you just blew one off."
"How would you know? You just lost an eye."
"Next time, let's play checkers."
robinism, Jan 29 2005


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