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Chew Adieu

Anti Pen-Chewing Spray
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The "'Disappointed Mother' Anti-Chew Pen" idea gave me this idea for a cheaper, and (in my opinion) more effective solution to the same problem.

If you're annoyed by your co-workers/classmates/comrade's pen- gnawing habit, simply spritz a foul-tasting, yet nontoxic liquid on their pen caps. This organic and naturally extracted liquid, marketed as "Chew Adieu", is packaged in small, pocket-concealable spray bottles. Soon, if applied enough times, the spray will eventually induce a Pavlovian response where, every time the colleague thinks of chewing their pen, they will get a bad taste in their mouth. This will wean them off the habit over time.

DrWorm, Aug 25 2009

Mavala Stop http://www.amazon.c...ntion/dp/B0000YUXI0
Strictly speaking it's against nail biting and thumb sucking, but same principle. [jutta, Aug 25 2009]

Orly No-BIte http://www.kk.org/c...archives/003859.php
[jutta, Aug 25 2009]

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       Your name should be DrCruel, not [DrWorm]. (Great title by the way.)
blissmiss, Aug 25 2009

       Yup. Title+
daseva, Aug 25 2009

       <smug>Thank you, thank you.</smug>
DrWorm, Aug 25 2009

       I was searching for [jutta]'s link but she got there before me.
gnomethang, Aug 25 2009

       I'm imagining an office where workers sniff their pens all the time without knowing exactly why...
DrWorm, Aug 26 2009


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