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Chew & Brush

Toothpaste in a chewable form
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Having toothpaste in a tube is messy. So this is toothpaste which is in handy bite sized pieces.

Take off the wrapper (just like a sweet), pop one in your mouth, chew & brush!

Belly, Aug 10 2000


       Baked, in a manner. How about the Arm-N-Hammer and Trident advantage "dental" gums on the market -- in the toothpaste aisle!
Sparki, Aug 12 2001

       I like this idea because I am forever getting toothpaste all over the mouth and cap of my toothpaste tube. And then it dries and gets all hard, and crumbly, and yucky. However, individual wrappers would take too much time. Just package them in a bottle like vitamins.
tchaikovsky, Feb 22 2004


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