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dry, soluble toothpaste/solid
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to get a bit of toothpaste with which to brush teeth the cap to be taken off,the paste squeezed out,and put on a toothbrush. there are probably germs on the brush,what if they get in the tube? so maybe put some on your finger/s,and then on the brush. so then have toothpaste on your finger/s. what about a solid chalky white thing[maybe blue /red jelly in betweenfor aquafresh] and break off a bit?
technobadger, Jul 23 2001


       If you're using someone else's toothbrush or storing yours in a rat's nest, I'd advise you to stop it. Either situation is easy to avoid. Otherwise, any live germs on your toothbrush would have come from your own mouth, where there are already plenty more of the same. Reintroducing them won't make a difference.
beauxeault, Jul 24 2001

       I rinse out my brush before and after each use. The heads for my sonicare toothbrush each come with a plastic cover that keeps them clean between uses.   

       Dry toothpaste seems like it would be a bit like chewing on dry chalk...
mwburden, Jul 24 2001

       I've also heard recent theories that even allergies would be reduced if children grew up in a less sterile environment.
beauxeault, Jul 24 2001


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