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Two, three or more varieties
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Because I'm housebound most of my ideas have to do with house and garden. Boring for you but fun for me.

I think this is the third one I've fed in about teeth for example - along with 80-"odd" other 'Bakers similarly obsessed by matters dental.

This idea is for a new kind of toothpaste tube with siamesed vertical compartments - 2,3,4 or even more.

One could make a prototype by taping some fat crayons together. Got it? Manufacturing machinery would form by buckle-and-weld two sheets together.

Each minitube would have its own screw-cap.

What fun marketeers could have deciding on a brand-name to start with, such as Cxlgxtx Multitubes, or MiniTubes, or TripleTubes, or QuadriTubes? or TubeTubes ... whatever.

Then would come the problem of what to put IN the MultiTubes.

Paste with differing flavours? Differing colours? Differing functions? Like #1 whitens. #2 brightens. #3 frightens [makes you hate the taste of tobacco products].

Or "a ColourPaste MixnMatch MultiTube gives you the chance you've always wanted - the opportunity to colour your teeth to match your hsir" ... but I'd better stop.

I've already over-run two separate postings.

rayfo, Jul 03 2001


       Never seen or heard of DUAL-tube Mentadent on or off tv and tbey appear to be of differing shapes; mine are al like alike for mass-production - "six at one blow" as in the legend   

       My use of "Siamese" mis-led readers no doubt; my error.   

       MULTItube describes the idea better.   

       Finally, I don't need to pinch ideas. I've got too many already; their poor quality compensated for by their number.   

       But I get a lot of satisfaction when I find someone obviously making money out of one of mine; I know how much hard work he/she has put into it.
rayfo, Jul 05 2001

       It's been fun. Let's give my eyes a rest.
rayfo, Jul 05 2001


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