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Double Ended Toothpaste Tube

Empty the divorce courts
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Many marriages break up, I have been told, because the partners squeeze toothpaste from different ends of the tube. Domestic harmony would be restored by the simple innovation of having lidded openings at both ends of the tube.
Mickey the Fish, Sep 15 2000


       How about a quantum-state toilet seat cover? Man, we'll put those divorce lawyers out of business yet.
absterge, Nov 20 2000

       Hey, yes. Unfortunate that it'd only work as long as you didn't look at it, though, and that your cat would die every other time you went to the washroom.   

       Now, a quantum-state divorce lawyer -- but perhaps they have these.
Monkfish, Dec 20 2000

       So, if you *closed your eyes* after you aimed (guys only, ob.), you would have urine on the floor and in the bowl simultaneously? Fair enough!
absterge, Dec 20 2000

       Maybe have separate blue and pink tubes - but that's a bit too easy. How about tubes that return to full shape after they've been squeezed? But people need an excuse to argue, so it could have some sort of memory of the last squeeze (heat up; illuminate in UV or whatever) so that blame can be attributed just to get things going.
mkirksmith, Dec 12 2001

       am sure i remember seeing this in an al jaffee illustrated segment in an old MAD magazine - the halfbakery sourcebook
benfrost, Dec 12 2001

       Stellar idea, but which end are we squeezing to again?
phoenix, Dec 12 2001

       I want to see statistics on the disparate toothpaste squeezing leading to divorces
bristolz, Dec 12 2001


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