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Chew chew train

Corny loco-motion
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A scale model steam engine replica with a butane cartridge contained in its boiler and a coal hopper full of un-popped corn kernels sits on an oval track on the living room coffee table.
The movie is about to start and with a push of the auto ignition button the first of many kernels is gravity fed down the preheating tube on its way to the smoke stack where it has reached the desired 400 degrees Fahrenheit and explodes.
The downward pressure created as the kernel is ejected from the stack, at a slight rearward tilt, pushes on a balanced lever that drives the wheels.
Excess heat liquefies lightly salted butter which time release drips to evenly coat each and every mouthwatering nugget before it chugs from the stack to land in one of the insulated cars.
Next stop; your end of the table.

Had to sketch this one. http://s68.photobuc...t=chewchewtrain.jpg
I dig old trains. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004, last modified Jul 25 2008]

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       Is there a mix of hoppers with drip feeds of salt (solution), salted butter, sugar, toffee etc. to account for all tastes?
suctionpad, Mar 21 2004

seedy em, Mar 21 2004

       Yes, each car could have its own flavoring.
Mmmmm caramel caboose.

       Good idea and pop art.
FarmerJohn, Mar 22 2004

       Wow, that is a great idea. +
sartep, Mar 22 2004

       Reallyreally nice, I love popcorn and all steam things, specially trains. Very nice. Have a croissant.
finflazo, Apr 25 2004

       It should do gravy as well.
mecotterill, Jul 25 2008


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