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Chicken Noodle Soup Flavored Crackers

Self Explainitory
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Crackers with the taste of soup already on them. No need to stop at chicken noodle either, there's tomato, beef barely, clam chowder...etc

I actually tried to make these a few years ago by soaking salteens in soup and then letting them dry out, but final results were less than optimal... I am sure the problems are nothing that those Keebler Elves cant figure out.

blahginger, Jun 28 2000

Chicken in a Biskit http://www.nabisco....upc_code=4400000189
Here's the link.. they are about as close to chicken noodle soup flavored crackers as you could get... [djhotsauce, Jun 28 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Those elves are smart.
AM_Jenni, Jun 28 2000

       i have had ketchup-flavored shoestring potatoes, in a can. a slight tangy taste to them. odd
reebob, Jun 29 2000

       Clam chowder-flavored crackers?   

cyst, Jul 03 2000

       You could always just use the little seasoning packets from ramen noodle soup.
FakeGreenDress, Jul 09 2000

       Nabisco makes "Chicken in a Biscuit" (or some cheez-like spelling thereof) crackers. Can't imagine chicken-soup crackers would be all that different, unless you're looking for a different texture.
bookworm, Jul 19 2000

       "That Girl" episode @68-70 had her mix hot water and ketchup packet to make Tomato Soup. Man, she was broke. Actually, get some pita bread-flavor it how you like-dry enough and bake.
thumbwax, Sep 29 2000

       Receipt: Uncooked chicken. Add crackers to "hole" cavity. Flavor with Thai or Vietnamese fish sauce. Bake for eight hours on low heat until chicken is fully warmed. Remove crackers. Now they will taste approximately like chicken soup.
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       dude, chocolate-flavored crackers would be awesome. wait, we already have those--i guess they're called cookies. never mind.
snowfreak, Mar 27 2001

       General Terms: Fish absorb the water they reside in. In ocean waters, if a fatty fish with relative little activity resides at bottom e.g. Halibut, it will be of a markedly different taste than that of an active lean topwater fish e.g. Swordfish. Another factor is its diet, whether omnivore, carnivore, herbivore, plankton, et al. Yet a third is it's compostion of blood/oxygenation/lifespan and importantly, back to the first of the a/effects, it's overall scale/muscular pattern which adds not only to its survival skills, but via aquaeous absorption, contributes to taste which is attractive or unpleasant to humans and water/land animals.
Chickens do have a different taste amongst different breeds, however we now live in a world of bred for consumption asap chickens. These chickens can live in a crowded environment, grow at a reasonably brisk pace for the supply to remain constant, at minimal use of food, water, etc.. Free Range Chickens are becoming more commonplace, and are most often featured at Natural/Organic food stores. The cost is higher per pound, and like some organic fruits/vegetables, the taste is superior. There are many breeds of chicken/fowl which have gamier tastes to them, and these are not the ones we normally associate with what is available in Our Grocers Poultry Case.
thumbwax, Mar 27 2001

       Eeeew! Chicken flavoring on crackers would be nothing like the real thing. This is why normal food products with wierd flavorings fail. It's not just the flavor that's important, its the warmth and texture of the soup. Good idea, but flavoring wont make the cracker taste like it's been dipped in soup.
caffiend223, Mar 27 2001


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