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kama sutra crackers

for parties
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These cookies or crackers would be formed as men and women (and animals if you like)in different sexual positions. Party games could be made of finding the mate for your cracker or they could be just a cool snack to eat.

Bonus: Interesting toppings.
Voice, Aug 05 2010

Kama sutra cookie cutters http://www.kaboodle...ra-cookie-cutters-5
[ldischler, Aug 05 2010]

from me Kama_20Sutra_20gummies
[xandram, Aug 06 2010]

...and for breakfast: Pornographic_20breakfast_20cereal
[hippo, Aug 06 2010]

topping Vagina-Jam
[Voice, May 27 2011]

Prototype http://i.imgur.com/2ayxr.jpg
[Voice, Mar 19 2012]


       Is that humans and animals together, or are the animals separate?   

       //Interesting toppings// Stay away from the glazed cookies.
Cedar Park, Aug 05 2010

       Sp.: Kama Sutra
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 05 2010

       Bun for expectations of divine sexual retribution. Spelling fixed.
Voice, Aug 05 2010

       If you used a gun on someone who really deserved it, would you be called a Karma Shooter?
xenzag, Aug 05 2010

       I once knew a blacksmith who claimed to market gender specific silverware. Finally, something to use them on. Bun [+]. Now, pass me one of those embrace-of-the-thighs milking-congress cookies, will you? I want to try out my erect-o-knife...
Grogster, Aug 06 2010

       If you were dating the person that you deserve, would that be your Kama suitor?
DrBob, Aug 06 2010

       If you were going at it far too energetically, you might need a kama suture
pocmloc, Aug 06 2010

       [Grogster] A blacksmith who sold silverware? Was it made of iron?
mouseposture, May 28 2011

       That is a very ambitious camel.
Alterother, Mar 19 2012

       Name of a shop that sells formal garments which have a therapeutic effect on the wearers? Calmer Suiters of course.
xenzag, Mar 19 2012

       How about a calculating device made by linking South American pachyderms together? Llamaputer!
DrBob, Mar 19 2012


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