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'Russian Doll' Easter Egg

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Successively nested Easter eggs, each one made of a darker chocolate and shaped more like a Russian doll, the very centre one containing something suitable creepy, such as a tiny, faceless clown doll made from white chocolate.
hippo, Mar 01 2009

some cool ideas for nesting dolls... http://ifitshipitsh...ussian-nesting.html
[xandram, Mar 03 2009]

Not chocolate http://www.arussian..._page=index&cPath=8
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 04 2009]


       are the eggs in the shops already?   

       shouldn't this be in Health: teeth?
po, Mar 01 2009

       This gets one bun for a cool bit of weirdart / culturejamming / thingumystuff and another for increasing the chocolate content of easter eggs.
wagster, Mar 01 2009

       Bun, but only if due consideration given to that clown figure not being made of chocolate, but lays another egg when squeezed. (comes with dire warning not to swallow etc., of course)
xenzag, Mar 01 2009

       I agree [po] a toothless clown may be more like it. But a huge raw yolk dripping bun for hippo.
blissmiss, Mar 01 2009

       Does it have to be creepy? Why does it have to be creepy? Russian dolls aren't necessarily creepy, why must this thing be?
Veho, Mar 01 2009

       I now realise my wish for the innermost doll to be faceless and a bit sinister is a subconscious half-memory of the title sequence of "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy".
hippo, Mar 01 2009

       all the more creepy if you've already eaten the outer layers...
simonj, Mar 04 2009

       My friend Jez had a small jangly skeleton dangling from the mirror of his mini clubman estate, who's name was "Nothingface", only whenever you referred to him by name, you had to say it in a whispering voice.
zen_tom, Mar 12 2009

       i miss the forty-four aisles of chocolate at sainsbury's 'round easter. *sigh* hard to be american sometimes.
k_sra, Mar 12 2009


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