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Help Net

Swimming Pool voice cue activated drop net
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I was surprised yesterday to see that Drowning is among the 2 leading causes of death for children under 15.

I propose a system that employs 4 poles that stretch a net about 10 to 15 feet above a home swimming pool.

a quick release mechanism is controlled by a sound recognition system and will let the 4 corners of the net to slide down the poles to a catch about 18" above the ground (net sag will put it at about 10" above the water) when it hears a pre programmed sound such as "Help, Help, Help!"

The net falls to near the surface of the pool allowing the swimmer in difficulty to grab onto it and use it to keep themselves above water while pulling themself to the edge of the pool.

A sign in plain sight explains use. If small children are to be using the pool, the system should be tested to show them how it works.

I know that this is by no means a substitute for supervision, but excellent supervision would mean that drowning would not be such a high cause of death (I believe.)

Zimmy, Mar 24 2005


       We've covered alarm systems here, but this seems pretty new.
theircompetitor, Mar 24 2005

       Please, don't just bone this silently. I would like to know flaws in the concept that I haven't thought of.
Zimmy, Mar 25 2005

       What about if the net starts at the bottom of the pool and rises, bringing the short person up with it?
Detly, Mar 25 2005

       I think Delty's got the right idea. Maybe more of a rigid grating than a net.
gardnertoo, Mar 25 2005

       the worry is that it will drown more than it will save.   

       hamper rescuers, add to the panic of the swimmer and in the event of the mechanism going wrong; the weight of the net would certainly drown the person under it.
po, Mar 25 2005

       a person hanging on the center of the net would make the net sag below water level. i agree that it would have to be a grid. or maybe a net that is attached to a grid every 4 feet or so.
RBStimers, Mar 25 2005

       Sorry for the delay in response. I've done something to my main computer (in fear of safety from what has happened before) that prevents me from connecting.   

       My first concept was a net that was attached to a released bouyant system. I thought that this would entangle more swimmers than it would save.   

       The rigid grid system that was mentioned by someone, (then deleted (i guess) seems a beter concept)) but I was concerned about the cleaning functionality of the system. a rigid grid would seem very difficult to clean properly.   

       My Wish would be that some sort of system could be Nobeled into being that would save the lives of countless people.   

       My only defense of the flaws in this system is that such a system must be continually calibrated to assure that the net would never hit the water (in fact still allow at least a 10" clearance.)   

       I very much appeciate the comments that suggest errors in this approach.
Zimmy, Mar 28 2005

       I boned it silently.   

       Ok, I couldn't help myself. If you have ever had the misfortune to see what happens if someone who can't swim goes in the water, you will have noted that they spend very little time at the surface. They go right down.
bungston, Mar 28 2005

       It's very possible that the person won't try to shout for help until it's too late for them to shout for help.   

       A better idea may be a remote-control button that the child wears on their wrist. Pushing it causes the net to drop.   

       The net would also be UGLY! You couldn't even look at the sky while swimming. I think it would be better if the net were only on two poles, both on one side of the pool. Or better yet, rolled up and stuffed into one edge of the pool. It could probably be thrown very quickly up and across the pool when needed. Like an airbag deploying.
phundug, Mar 29 2005

       Who says they all drown in swimming pools?
moomintroll, Mar 29 2005


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