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crystal palace

crystal palace on alcatraz island
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Completely reface Alcatraz island in San Francisco bay into a crystal palace. It would be the most fantastic and beautiful building and glass sculpture in the world. It will signify the triumpths past and future of all earths inhabitants. A place where our end of the universe touches ground.
quick, Jan 24 2003

The Crystal Palace
Like this? [my face your, Oct 04 2004]


       might a name change be in order?
yamahito, Jan 24 2003

       Will it function as a huge radio-wave receiver, like the crystal radio I built as a kid? Will it allow us to better communicate with other life forms in the universe?
jurist, Jan 24 2003

       [jurist] you did that?
skinflaps, Jan 24 2003

       [skinflaps] Are you asking if I built a crystal radio? (Yes.) Or communicated with alien life forms from "where our end of the universe touches the ground"? (No.)Or what, exactly? (Probably not.)
jurist, Jan 24 2003

       // A place where our end of the universe touches ground.//   

snarfyguy, Jan 24 2003

       It's where oy hoyds me pot'o'gold.   

       [jurist] Just the alien life form bit. "Jeepers, I must have been asleep for over a year"
skinflaps, Nov 17 2004


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