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China Hong Kong Hundred Year Plan Repeated For Taiwan

Not my idea, my proposal is for them to purchase and migrate to the lower part of Baja California.
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Don't need to get into the possible war that's gonna happen if Taiwan gets invaded by China, as they've vowed to do if Taiwan resists eventual China assimilation.

So strike a deal with Mexico for the biggest real estate deal in history. Have Taiwan buy the lower part of Baja California and begin migration. Let's look at the numbers:

Taiwan square miles = 14,000

Baja California square miles = 55,000

Taiwan population = 24 million

Baja Calilfornia population = 4 million

With the wealth of Taiwan, they could easily give every resident of the lower third a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in a gorgeous community a few miles up north and put them on a guaranteed income for life.

Paying off the Mexican government would be easy, money talks.

When the move is complete, if I were the Taiwanese leader behind this I'd have a 20 year plan to do this then get it done in 10. At that point say "Okay, here's that bare plot of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean you wanted. Have fun."

Cultures have migrated away from their totalitarian overlords before with great success. I know of one place in particular.

doctorremulac3, Jun 05 2024

Translation should be in this voice. https://youtu.be/Wx...t8Yw?feature=shared
[doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2024]

Link https://www.merriam...dictionary/purchase
[doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2024]

Link https://www.merriam.../dictionary/sarcasm
[doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2024]


       Sound, but I already have prior head-art on this one.   

       Thought the same thing years back about Hong Kong and somewhere thinly populated in north England .. though I doubt I was the first to think it.   

       Howsoever, I would suggest that the //one place in particular// that you are thinking of as an example of this working in practice is a particularly poor one (example that is), they didn't up sticks and move did they, they kicked their undesired overlords out and staid put where they were, which is more than 'kind of' the complete opposite of the proposal ;p
Skewed, Jun 06 2024

       Bigger land deals in America alone that come immediately to mind are the Louisiana Purchase and Alaska.
21 Quest, Jun 07 2024

       Far too simple.   

       Identify a different category, and tell us how to move Taiwan and attach it to Baja.   

       If only for the cuisine!
normzone, Jun 07 2024

       Okay boners, you solve the problem.   

doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2024

       How about we politely but firmly tell China "no" and smack Xi on the nose with a rolled up newspaper?
21 Quest, Jun 07 2024

       LOL! That gives me an idea.   

       When an interview with him is being played the translation voice over should be an AI of this voice. (Link)
doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2024

       //Okay boners//   

       Well, you are missing a few rather important details which may be one reason for the bones?   

       [You're also magnanimously giving away a large slice of someone else's sovereign territory of course ;p]   

       For instance, how do you invasion this being organised politically at the receiving end?   

       Do they get to be a fully independent country in the middle of Mexican territory .. or do you follow the US native nations tribal lands model? .. or do they just become ordinary Mexican citizens en-mass and Mexico just makes the territory a new state .. or do they just incorporate as a new municipality?   

       //and just incorporate as a new municipality//   

       Does Mexico do that? I know it's a US thing that new town and city councils can just sort of 'self determine' and declare themselves to be (with a little bit of due process of course) .. but I don't know what Mexican method and law is for the formation of new town and city councils etc?
Skewed, Jun 07 2024

       //in the middle of Mexican territory//   

       It’s not Mexican territory anymore.   

       So your solution is to have Taiwan cease to exist because this solution might make some useless bureaucrats confused and some lawyers might want more money for proper paperwork, so let the genocide begin. Got it.   

       But hey, what do you care if a country gets invaded and its people massacred? Gotta dot those Is and cross those Ts.
doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2024

       //Gotta dot those Is and cross those Ts.//   

       Well yes, I rather think we do gotta.   

       No one wants another Israel/Palestine a few decades down the road do they?   

       Gotta make sure everyone's happy and clearly understands what they're happy about so there's no later buyers (or sellers) regret with something like this I think.
Skewed, Jun 07 2024

       //It’s not Mexican territory anymore//   

       It's not? [rereads], Ah! //California// I was mislead by the mention of Mexico being paid off I think.   

       Somehow that it was in California must have gotten overwritten from short term memory as I read that bit about Mexico getting paid off .. doesn't change anything I said in principle though.   

       But why would the Mexicans need to be paid off when it's not theirs?
Skewed, Jun 07 2024

       Baja California is in Mexico. You're embarrassing yourself.
doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2024

       //so let the genocide begin. Got it//   

       [Sigh] Where on earth did you get that, all I asked was how do you think it should work on the political end for their proposed new home, if you hadn't thought that far and don't know just say so [rolls eyes]
Skewed, Jun 07 2024

       //You're embarrassing yourself//   

       Nope, I'm afraid not, I'm English remember, details of US and Mexican states are of supreme indifference to me and [having now Googled] I feel not a smidge of embarrassment over the belief I developed that somewhere I'd never heard of before called Baja California was probably just a district of California ;)   

       Particularly as you'd just told me that //It’s not Mexican..//   

       Now how about you get back to addressing the points?   

       That misunderstanding changes none of them.
Skewed, Jun 07 2024

       After the purchase, Like how Louisiana isn’t French. (France is a place in Europe)   

       But it’s my fault you thought I was talking about buying land in the United States from Mexico resulting in eye rolling for some reason. Okay.   

       //addressing the points?//   

       I did. Before the first grade geography lesson.   

       Any other ideas out there about how to save the Taiwanese people? That last one fell a little short.
doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2024

       //After the purchase, Like how Louisiana isn’t French//   

       Yes I get that now, it is Mexico now but it won't be after they buy it, but that doesn't really change anything about the question I asked .. you're giving away territory that is currently part of Mexico, how exactly do you propose that works, an entirely new state no longer under Mexican sovereignty to be recognised as a new nation and country by the UN and everyone else or one of the other options?   

       You have sorta implied it will be it's own nation in annos but you've not said it, particularly in the idea.   

       Or maybe ultimately have them apply to become a new US state?
Skewed, Jun 07 2024

       See link.
doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2024

       Yes yes, you linked a definition of the word "purchase", that's about real estate and a real estate purchase (if it went any further than that before the request for cookies that I'm not going to touch popped up and obscured the rest I didn't see it) doesn't imply any form of transfer of sovereignty, just ownership.   

       Maybe you would like to try again because you still haven't answered the question.   

       And now appear to have fundamentally misunderstood it.
Skewed, Jun 07 2024

       Just a small observation > the conflation of buying land and national sovereignty you appear to be making with that link calls into question your understanding of what each is & thus everything you've said thus far.   

       [Rereads what he just typed] to be clear, I'm not saying I think you're dumb or anything there.   

       Just suggesting we may in some way be talking at cross purposes.
Skewed, Jun 07 2024

       I’ll let Taiwan know about your proposed solution. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.
doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2024

       Now you're just making stuff up, that has to be among the flimsiest non existent straw men I've ever seen, I asked a question about the details of your solution which you will note from my first comment I actually kinda like, & you (just to be picky) unless you erroneously believe owning a piece of land de facto gives you the powers of national sovereignty over that land have still not definitively answered that question ;D   

       What I didn't do was offer up an alternative solution for you to pass on to the Taiwanese.
Skewed, Jun 07 2024

       Yea, caught that. (link)
doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2024


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