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Audio peer pressure.
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Note: this idea is about charity, but does not include ribbons IN ANY WAY. (That should be good for a couple of buns to start with).


I was waiting to get on a flight back to the UK yesterday, and next to our queue there was a big charity box for all your unused Euro coins. Nobody went up to it for ages, but when one person popped some coins in the box, there was a sudden flurry of 'chink' and 'clunk' noises, as a host of other people popped their coins in. (I didn't; my doctor says I am naturally inclined to Evil, being the son of a dentist an' all).

Obviously peer pressure is at work. But I wonder how many people _saw_ someone else put the money in, and how many just heard the 'chink' of falling coins? So the idea is this: to record the noise of coins dropping, and have a little gadget which played it back every so often. A more sophisticated version could have proximity sensors which played the sound as people approached it. Hopefully this will act as a little gentle pressure on people to give more.

It also has a market for buskers: a good busker could set it to 'chink' regularly, then incorporate it into the music like a little percussion instrument. Do that often enough and you can start selling it to New-Age types as a lucky 'money cymbal'.

[marked for deletion] boring.

moomintroll, Jul 26 2005


       This may be why the Salvation Army rings bells when they're collecting on the streets (in the US).
DrCurry, Jul 26 2005

       Presumably yes - also why street collectors shake their buckets, I guess. But both are mere shadows of the real thing ;)
moomintroll, Jul 26 2005

       I suspect this would work quite well.
wagster, Jul 26 2005

       The lack of ribbons gave you 1/4 of a bun, and so did the 'lucky money cymbal'. The other half is a) because you can't give fractions of buns (although it is the halfbakery) and b) because you acnolege (sorry I can't be bothered to respell that) that dentists are inherrently (sorry again) evil.
dbmag9, Jul 26 2005

       Hmm... And LiveAid? Are you saying musicians are just some cultural upchuck in the incessant race to veil our true impeti?
daseva, Jul 26 2005

       I say +
DesertFox, Jul 26 2005

       This same device would be useful for slot machines. Periodically it would make a torrent of "chinks", simulating a big win and cascade of coin. The Euro donation thing might also use the torrent noise effect. Perhaps some might be moved to give all they have to the poor.
bungston, Jul 26 2005

       Evertime I go to the casino I can't lie down for the next day without hearing: "DING DING DING, chuga chuga chuga, chikity chikity, benga benga benga DING chupa chupa chupa DING chupa chupa cupa", and the like. Anyway, it makes me feel kinda giddy.
daseva, Jul 26 2005

       On the plus side, I am reminded of Pachinko machines, which I loved in my youth.   

       On the negative, I think of Wawa convenience markets with the incessant talking/chiming cash registers. (wawa is a lenape[delaware] indian word for goose)
moPuddin, Jul 29 2005

       <might be made up>I think it's now illegal in the UK to 'shake your tin' when you're fund raising as it's deemed to be harassment</might be made up>.   

       or something like that.
neilp, Jul 29 2005


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