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Crowd Noise Pedal

I can't believe this doesn't exist yet.
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It'd be as hot and short-lived as auto-tune. Just quantify what makes crowd noise sound like a crowd, and put it into a cheapo stomp box. The general malaise of crowd murmur could probably be standardized into a lame-sounding synthesized sample, then add random whistles and yelps, and cover it all up with a warm reverb. Just do it all in pitch and time, of course. It would be fine for the unit to have a bit of processing delay; real crowds always do.

For effect, add a wah pedal. Framptonize, etc.

absterge, May 17 2002

99 Sound effects samples http://www.walmart....4110%3A5033%3A29434
A smattering of applause for that blood-curdling scream [thumbwax, May 18 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Thank You! Thank You! Thank You Very Much! Please - Sit Down!...
thumbwax, May 18 2002

       Good idea, absterge. I understand that it's a guitar effects pedal, but could I hook it up to a motion detector so it would go off every time I walked in to the room without me having to stomp on it?
mrthingy, May 18 2002

       <for mrthingy>crowd noise</for mrthingy>
thumbwax, May 18 2002

       [thumbwax], you seem to have missed me here. Sure, there are a million and one sfx cds, but the pedal is procedural. The idea is to be able to make it sound like all of the crowd is singing your solo, right alongside (and slightly behind) your playing/singing/clapping/whatever, like real crowds do.
absterge, Sep 02 2002

       What would be the effect of multiplying a music sample by a 1/5 second bell-shaped pink noise sample? Maybe I should try coding up such a thing and see what it sounds like.
supercat, Sep 03 2002


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