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Chirping Cricket

Break awkward silences with this humorous device
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I am a college English instructor, so I have a lot of discussion in my class. Sometimes, when everyone is silent, I'd like to have a little device that makes the sound of crickets chirping to make fun of the silence. I suppose it would lose its novelty after a while, but it would be funny the first time with a class.
EdisonsTwin, Dec 12 2006

Electronic Cricket kit, $9.95 http://store.qkits.com/moreinfo.cfm/MK104
[jutta, Dec 13 2006]

Eric Carle: The Very Quiet Cricket http://www.amazon.c...458?ie=UTF8&s=books
Comes with a sound generator (turn the last page)! [jutta, Dec 13 2006]

here is another one http://www.funinc.c...id=18425&cat=&page=
[xandram, Dec 13 2006]

Another use for this, perhaps? Tumbleweed_20Dispenser
[phundug, Dec 13 2006]


       ET, You would have hated me as a student! In high school any time a teacher made a stupid joke and the room went quiet I would say " Cricket, Cricket, Cricket". Most teachers sent me away to the office while the class just laughed at the joke.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 12 2006

       I'd have batted your ear.
po, Dec 13 2006

       Yeah, good point. I'd have said that, but I actually had trouble finding a plain sound generator, rather than a kit. (So, nice searching, xandram!)   

       Can't you make a cricket-y sound by running a fingernail quickly across the teeth of a fine comb?
jutta, Dec 13 2006

       <performs curtsey>
xandram, Dec 13 2006

       Or possibly a device, much like a clay pigeon launcher, that fires a small tumbleweed across the room and plays a "wind whistling" noise?   

neuro, Dec 14 2006

       Damn. Just seen someone got there before me. As you were.
neuro, Dec 14 2006


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