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A website for people to point to short clips within long videos and comment on them
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You just watched something interesting and want to remark about [15:21:05:02] till [15:21:15:47] where you noticed something which you want others to see.

Features include searchable text, of course, and: [Wider view], [Full scene], [Movie Source]

The interface enables you to take from youtube and the likes, mark the moment of start and end (or duration), test and publish.

The clip will either be played by copying that part of the clip, or somehow getting the original player to start (and end) at the desired location.

pashute, Jan 07 2012


       The idea is a larf, but do we really need to encourage internet inanity?
Alterother, Jan 07 2012

       Contrary to the whole direction in which the modern internet is developing. [+]
mouseposture, Jan 07 2012

       // do we really need to encourage internet inanity? //   

       Not with you here, we don't.
8th of 7, Jan 07 2012

       Lovin' the name. [+]
wagster, Jan 07 2012

       Do Youtube or Vimeo have an api, or is there any way to achieve this INSIDE youtube, without copying the actual vid?
pashute, Jun 15 2012

       You can link to a specific point in a YouTube video by adding #t=XmYs to the end (substitute X and Y for minutes and seconds).
ytk, Jun 15 2012


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