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Chocolate Covered Knives-Edited

Chocolate Covered Knives
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Steak knives covered in chocolate for men uncomfortable with standard snacks, especially at football games.

Knives inside of popsicles or lollipops would also be possible.

This is not meant for children, not to give anyone a knify surprise. This is for men who normally drink Budweiser that do not want to be seen holding girly chocolates.

Would ideally be sold at stock car or monster truck events.

**Edit- It occurred to me the popsicle or lollipops could be made of whiskey, rum or tequila. This would increase the machismo level exponentially.

This is not to trick people in to putting a knife in their mouth. It is to attract men who want to walk the line of danger and deliciousness.. I think we have a slogan.

pantamonkey, Nov 21 2009

would be in here... http://www.amazon.c...nives/dp/1581603258
[xandram, Nov 23 2009]


       Real men have chocolate covered chainsaws
pocmloc, Nov 21 2009

       I'm not entirely sure that I understand the objective of this idea, nor the category of which it is placed within.
skinflaps, Nov 21 2009

       Great... eat the chocolate, then wash it down by swallowing what's left of your lacerated tongue. [-]
xenzag, Nov 21 2009

       Gives the rare taste of chocolate and your own blood (and over indulged Budweiser).
wjt, Nov 21 2009

       why can't you have a budweiser shape made out of chocolate? knives? ouch.
po, Nov 21 2009

       sp: "knifey"
DrWorm, Nov 21 2009

       Dangerous and extremely ill-advised combination of confectionery and edged weapons, possibly mixed with alcohol and adrenaline.   

8th of 7, Nov 21 2009

       I'll take a set. Will they cut through a tin can and then a tomato?
bdag, Nov 23 2009

       ...and then these prison bars?   

       I can't believe this hasn't been done yet. </randomized anno generator>
daseva, Nov 23 2009


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