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Make your own customized chocolates
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I live in a country where chocolates are a national obsession (Belgium). There's an entire culture around chocolates, with debates over new tastes, new forms and new combinations.

We also have some very famous chocolatiers who make customized chocolates like little works of art, at a nice price.

The idea is to "industrialize" this process, but without losing the romance of the métier.

Create transparent plastic automatons, like street vending machines, where the customer can make his own chocolates. He sees different kinds of "basic" chocolates with several forms to start with. He can then program a parcours which each chocolate should take.

There are countless options; the chocolates can drop into a vanilla liquid first, then roll over into a dry cocoa, next into a mild coffee liquid, then move on to finish off with a coconut powder.

At the end, all your individualized chocolates fall nicely into a fine box, and there you are.

You pay with a creditcard.

[My favorite chocolate scenario would go like this: a big walnut falls into dark, pure chocolate, rolls over into a quick bath of strong pastis liquor, followed by a hardening phase, to end with a dot and a dip into fresh natural menth.]

django, Aug 31 2004

Choco-bot http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Choco-bot
Ok, I've gone and halfbaked what I was hoping this was. [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004]


       +mmm, I like the idea of a chocolate vending machine, but why a credit card, are these chocolates that expensive?
swimr, Aug 31 2004

       // favorite chocolate scenario//
Ahhhhgggggg. A Homer Simpson dream.
ldischler, Sep 01 2004

       ***drooling*** Mmmm, belgian chocolate. Great idea, [django]. (My favorite chocolate scenario would go like this: I fall into pure milk chocolate, roll over into a quick bath of champagne...) I'd give you a big box of chocolate covered walnuts for this idea if I could. Instead, I give you a croissant (chocolate filled).
Machiavelli, Sep 01 2004

       I was really hoping this would be a functional robot almost entirely made of chocolate. All you'd need is a few small motors, a battery, and a chip that isn't chocolate.
Worldgineer, Sep 01 2004

       shame about the title but this is a truly wonderful concept!
po, Sep 01 2004

       What [World] just said. Only I would have boned the robot idea because I would hopelessly want to eat it and it would make me feel guilty to eat an advanced example of technology.   

       This idea is harming me though, now I'll have to get in the car and buy some chocolate.
Pericles, Sep 01 2004

       [po], I could change the title to "ChocoBoîte", which is more romantic, but then I'd get the anti-frog brigades all over me.
django, Sep 01 2004

       sounds good to me but what do I know? frogs? oh I see.   

       what we (see I am involved now in this) need in a title is something sexual...   

       'dip-me-deep' / pick and mix? perhaps not!
po, Sep 01 2004

       [swimr] I expect they would be. Best choccie shop in town just opened on Picadilly - "le Maison Chocolat". Armagnac truffles (believe me these are to die for) are about £15 for 100g. But they're worth it. Suspect these choccies would be similarly priced.

       [django] If you do this, can I please please be the man who drives the van round and fills up the machines with chocolate...I won't even need paying...
goff, Sep 02 2004

       I like this idea, but perhaps the starting base could be more flexible and not just a "basic" chocolate? E.g. I could start with a cricket or an almond for a chocolate covered confection and go from there. Also, I'm curious about how you propose to deal with jam/liquer/etc. filled chocolates? Would you be limited to say a white, dark, and milk chocolate covered version? (+)
wan-fu, Sep 05 2004

       <obligatory title misunderstanding> I interpreted the "Bot" bit of the title to mean "bottom" and had visions of a life-size bottom sculpted from chocolate. </obligatory title misunderstanding>
hippo, Sep 05 2004


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