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chocolate lard

like regular lard, only chocolate-flavored
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Could be used in cooking, or eaten directly out of the package (it would also be sweetened). You could put butter on it -- or peanut butter.
mrthingy, Aug 24 2000

Chocolate Salo http://news.bbc.co..../europe/3825221.stm
A Ukrainian delicacy, apparently(!) [prufrax, Jan 08 2005]


       you know that the center of oreos is made with lard and powdered sugar
batgirl, Nov 17 2000

       Sounds like those fudge brownies I used to eat in college. That and a Mountain Dew was a good cold remedy.
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       homer (eating directly out of the package): mmmm...chocolate lard.....(drooling)...
mihali, Apr 06 2001

       Yum Yum, fat is where it's at!   

       I think this would be an excellent source of energy. The Inuit enjoy Muktuk which is a particular type of whale blubber. For a traverse of the Greenland ice cap or similar activity this would be great, for couch potatoes - not so great.
hangingchad, Jan 08 2005

       I made and tasted honey and lard once since I had read that lard was the most caloric food. That didn't work. I wanted the simplest way to get recommended daily calories as a part of my plan to get my nutrition as simply as possible.
Mustardface, Jan 08 2005


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