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Chocolate Paste

kiddie snack that "sticks" to your ribs...
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There are a lot of kids that eat paste.

I propose chocolate flavored paste. Since the kids will be eating it as well as using it in art and craft projects it will be used up quicker and reduce the chances for it to dry out.

White chocolate might be good too.

zigness, May 03 2004


       Can you brush with it?
AO, May 03 2004

       Lets add vitamins and make it their lunch too
swimr, May 03 2004

       If I recall correctly, paste tasted more salty than sweet. Maybe mozzerela-flavored would be more appropriate.
nick_n_uit, May 03 2004

       Just make sure it dries clear, or you'll have some nasty looking projects on your hands!
kranedawg, May 04 2004


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