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Chocolate Stones, Sugar Lake

A bizarre combination of a childhood game, physics and chocolate
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Sometimes when I'm in the great outdoors and I stumble upon a small lake or a calm river, I take a little flat stone and throw it on the water, to see it bounce and kick in a graceful way. I like this. This evokes childhood memories of discovering physics through play, in nature.

My idea is to have a great hall with different pools which contain colorfoul and very liquid sugar substances that can be used to coat chocolates.

Visitors (kids) get several round and flat chocolate "stones", which they can throw in these pools, to see them bounce up over the colorful liquid, deform into odd shapes and receive a colorful coating at the other end of the pool.

They can wrap their own colorful and unique chocolate stone in a nice plastic and take it home as a tasty souvenir.

That's it. :-)

[Maybe the physics aren't entirely correct here, since the sugar liquid may be too viscuous, making the stones stick and sink. But it's worth a try. On the other hand, I recently read that, theoretically, a man would swim just as fast in syrup, as in water. So maybe the physics are allright after all. Not sure.]

django, Aug 31 2004


       I'm guessing that the USP won't be: "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand." Willy Wonka fans will love this.
jurist, Aug 31 2004

       I'm trying to recover some of my HB posts from the pre-crash era.   

       PS: this post was entered before 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was released as a movie.
django, Mar 26 2006

       Mmm... chocolate.
dbmag9, Mar 26 2006


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