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Chocolate Snowmen

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I don't mean small pieces of chocolate in the shape of snowmen, I mean full size snowmen, standing in the snow, made of chocolate.
simonj, Nov 27 2007


       like a small piece of chocolate, but bigger?
pertinax, Nov 27 2007

       If it was a scale model, then yes.
simonj, Nov 27 2007

       Or we can just put snowman messages in our car back windows, and call that half-baked.
globaltourniquet, Nov 27 2007

       (+). Now where are we going to get the chocolate? Or people to make these without eating them at the same time (factories take the fun out of it.)? Maybe the rich can afford a "Chocolate Snowman Kit" or some thing.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 27 2007

       Jimmy's dad: "what a beautiful snowman. Wait, some bum just ate the nose"
keithbrunkala, Nov 28 2007

       Where can you get chocolate snow?   

       Maybe it could be hollow, or very porous.
BJS, Nov 28 2007

       mmm white chocolate snowman..
simonj, Nov 29 2007


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