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Cocoa Dust Pixie Stix(tm)

Instead of mere sour sugar, pure cocoa dust
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Nowadays you get braggart chocolate of the 70% pure cocoa variety. Needless prattle. Grind up the bean and put it in a Pixie Stix(tm). Now you've got 100% pure cocoa and no humbug. Bitter but invigorating.
Vance, Feb 08 2001

El Sabroso (trans: The Sabroso) http://www.bad-candy.com/sabroso/
Speaking of salted plums...(HEAVILY salted. The nutrition list says '398% rec. daily allowance of sodium) [StarChaser, Feb 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Word of caution: don't ever try anything like this with icing sugar:   

       1) It's way finer ground than cocoa or pixie dust -- you'll choke to death.   

       2) When you do choke, it all comes out and makes a horrendous mess over everything.
Wes, Feb 08 2001

       I'll keep that in mind.
Vance, Feb 08 2001

       Zippy, the true chocolate lovers go for dark chocolate. This is just one step further toward perfection, if not perfection itself.
Vance, Feb 13 2001

       Bitterness is the main idea. The flavor is supposed to be extreme!
Vance, Feb 14 2001


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