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Christianity: THE GAME

Experience Thousands of Years of Crusading, Condemning and Saving as an RPG!
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New to the bakery, this one is going to take ALOT so be prepared for pages of Description (Sorry) As well as additions as fellow bakers (hopefully) make this really an awesome idea. What we've got here is a thought my brother and I came up with (more me than him) over the Dinner table about the Gaming industry and it's Fights with upstanding Christian moms and dads who want good wholesome games with the spirit of Jesus Christ Stamped into them. Well... Look no further than the franchise that will be: RELIGION INC. This is a company in and of itself designed to bring forth the morality and devotion of religion, dash in some history and a little bit of action adventure and slap on an ESRB rating of "T" for Teen and Call it Holy. (Okay, maybe Holy is going a bit far but, bare with me) Religion Inc will take on the task of Creating games (in partnership with a company and people that actually make great games... like... ID... I really want ID to take on this Project) Centered on living through the history of Religions. This current Half Baked Idea is centered specifically on the first game to be released and it's Expansion Packs; Christianity The Game (Further Ventures if the market tests well would be Judaism, Islam, Paganism, Buddhism...). But you want to know more about this Game I'm sure!

Christianity: The Game will not just be a simple semi-linear choose from 2 different paths sort of RPG game (A.K.A. not like Fable). Instead it will be almost MMORPG like in its Single Player choices. Everything moves to goals and in motion with a Family line you carry throughout the whole game.

You start (As you should) at the beginning. Your task will be to create the world as God dictates. You are essentially playing one of gods many Angels who assist him in his creations and after demonstrating excellence in the art of creation (Starting with assembling trees, moving up to humans) you will be given the right to choose a family name. Life accelerates much faster than you'd think when you are in Heaven so life has already been working hard and The Savior is about to arrive on earth when you are given the Green light to be born... In fact... you and the Savior are born on the same day! As you grow you will hear rumors of Jesus' ministry... you will even bump into him at times, hearing his sermon on the mount and watching as he heals the sick and raises the dead! You will also be given choices to join his followers, even be prompted to help perform miracles just as many of the apostles did! Or you can choose to denounce him, ridicule his followers and persecute them much like the Jewish leaders of the time. You will also marry and have Children, giving them names and begin to (as they grow) move to control one of them.

At all times you must remember that this family will be your key to watching the history of Christianity so choosing your controlled character as one gets old and dies (As will happen with age) will be instrumental... you will need to keep there choices in line with the goals you wish to make. If you chose to be against the Christians and want to help in Christ’s crucifixion... you must make decisions that reflect that outcome. However, if you wish to become a help and a follower of the apostles and gain a love of god, you must chose the path that will take you there... sometimes the choices will not always be clear and the effects will be obvious as choices that pull you away from Christianity will make your character groan or grumble (Murmuring) when directed to go help someone or meet one of the apostles. Like wise movements that do good for others will pull you from your goal of bringing down the Christian rebellion... if that is what you desire.

From the birth of Christ, to his death, the apostles ministry, the death of the apostles, the connection of Christianity to European pagan rituals and Catholicism, the crusades, life under the Kings of Europe (choosing from Germany, France, Spain or England) to voyaging to the Americas (or not) and creating a puritan colony and moving even further to the era of enlightenment (Where the Initial Game Comes to an End) and so on going all the way to the Pioneering of the West and Mormons* or Presbyterians*, Baptists* and Jehovah’s Witnesses* even Cults* and small town churches* The possibilities and choices for your family on the road to being in Gods Good Graces are ENDLESS.

The Idea is that you can choose to take your family down any path Christianity takes, and follow it all the way... Any way you wish. Do you want your family to become a good wholesome Baptist household? Awesome! Would you like them to Simultaneously ridicule and besiege the Jehovah's Witnesses as there own religion comes into fruition? Great! You can make learning the truth about every Christian branch and it's origins an interesting hands on Experience as you live the Crusading, Condemning and saving in the Role Playing Simulation for the Religious Zealot in all of us: Christianity: The Game!

Please Tell Me What you think and what I can do to improve the game. Also, this will (obviously) be primarily a PC game (Linux and Mac Support) But I'm considering PS3 and XBox360 Versions... if merely for the Marketing Value. That said, Online Capabilities might be a consideration... but... I am not sure the Game needs that much more shoved into it. Thank you!

Edit: As Best I Could using word, got as many spelling errors out of there... I'm sure more abound... Forgive if you can.

*Expansion Packs That Will Follow the Life of a certain Branch of Christianity that you will be prompted to buy when choosing to break off of the main game

Ish, Sep 01 2005

Similar idea http://pc.ign.com/a...s/367/367153p1.html
Not what I was looking for, but closer to your idea. [wagster, Sep 01 2005]

ReCreationals ReCreationals
[theircompetitor, Sep 01 2005]

Roll the bones. Godopoly
Crap, three sixes. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 01 2005]

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       It could work. God knows how well. Given the way all the violent-movie-haters enjoyed Mel Gibson's gorefest, they'll probably love this game.   

       Praise for keeping the Christians off the streets.   

       Condemnation for poor spelling and writing.   

       Which is to say; Welcome to the Halfbakery.   

       [No vote.]
baconbrain, Sep 01 2005

       End of 3rd paragraph you've written being instead of beginning.   

       Too long to decide on, has promise. Welcome to the 1/B
Germanicus, Sep 01 2005

       Thanks both of you [Bacon] and [Germ] I hope to do MUCH better work in the future... Much... Much better....
Ish, Sep 01 2005

       Another game plot posted by a gamer after the G4 tv prog? Never mind, it's still an idea and one that's worth a bun, apart from anything else it sounds like it could be quite controversial which would be a good thing. Sounds like it would require the most enormous amount of code, the scope is so vast that release in sections (expansion packs) would probably be the only way forward, using profits from one release to fund the next.   

       There is already a Christian RPG where you play an angel, I'll see if I can link it.   

       [Ish] - shorter is better, due to the volume of ideas here most people won't read something this length.
wagster, Sep 01 2005

       Hey [vernon], remember that sperm donation you made twenty years ago?....
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 01 2005

       I like the idea for the plot and setting - I can't think of any games set in the lands around Galilee at that time. If it was well researched and realised, it might be interesting enough simply to wander around looking at things.   

       I'm not so sure about stretching this game out into the history of christianity, that might be a bit ambitious, but there's certainly scope there for a franchise...   

       Keeping it set in the first years of Jesus' life would be interesting - political upheaval, Romans, subtifuge, walking on water etc. Become a desciple, try and learn how to raise the dead, or witness Jesus walking on water.   

       I'm not sure what your in-game experience would be like. But I guess like other RPGs or MMORPGs you'd be able to build a homestead, maybe get some goats, become a carpenter etc.   

       Promise for the historical setting[+]
zen_tom, Sep 01 2005

reensure, Sep 01 2005

       Bun. This idea could very well upgrade the level of historical awareness amongst many.   

       Not to mention that I like these kind of games (such as AOE/EE and so on).   

       Welcome and congrats.
Susan, Sep 01 2005

       [Wagster] Thanks for the link... I never would have guessed that there actually WAS a game out there with this kind of a set up. If you guys think it's Baked I will totally delete it. Or, I could just transform it to the other versions of the game (IE Islam:The Game) or something else... Eon of Tears sounds Exactly like my game I think... in a simpler, easy to understand, already coded sort of way. Great research on that, props to you for finding such a link! Same goes for [theircompetitor] and [2 fries shy of a happy meal] and to the people who gave me a bun, Thanks!
Ish, Sep 01 2005

       Jeez ambitious... but what gaming studio to make it as to not screw it up? Hehe i can see the sys requirements now: "80 gig hard drive, patience for installation time"
CombatChuck, Sep 01 2005

       Bun by the way
CombatChuck, Sep 01 2005

       Whoa! To long my small mind cant take the fully bakedness of this idea. Tell you what go out and put a patent on it and make some money that way we no longer need to sit through reading this idea. Don’t get me wrong though I helped create it but maybe a sort explanation and a link to a longer one would be nice. I have always wondered how long an idea should be before its fully baked. You [ish] answered that question.   

       To set the record straight it was an equal brainstorm for the idea.
toomer34, Sep 01 2005

       Oh and By the way, bun for the new baker.
toomer34, Sep 01 2005

       You could pretty much pull this off with a highly-modified merging of SimCity and Civilization.   

       Yep, we've hit this one before.
RayfordSteele, Sep 01 2005

       all the sims in one Christianity: THE GAME Classic Game Flight Sim + Battlezone sim/RTS Life-size Xbox Modular Computer Games SimEverything   

       // computer: game: all-in-one   


       Christianity: THE GAME Experience Thousands of Years of Crusading, Condemning and Saving as an RPG! \\   

       Says it all really.
zeno, Sep 02 2005

       //Hey [vernon], remember that sperm donation you made twenty years ago?....//HEh Heh Heh Hah Hah Hah Hah Hweewh!   

       I wonder what would happen if M.M. wasn't repressed? Perhaps the game could show.   

       (& I'm all for shipping Pat off to Venezuela!)
Zimmy, Sep 02 2005

       I can't stop thinking about it: Budhism the game. What, you just sit in front of the screen NOT touching the controls?
zeno, Sep 02 2005

       Dear RELIGION INC.,
I have now played through “Christianity: THE GAME” twenty times, each time selecting the Jew Path. 19 out of 20 times my family got murdered by Christians before completing the game. What gives? When can I expect a game-play patch?
Laughs Last, Sep 02 2005

       [Laughs Last] I try my best not to tear currently. (perhaps if Mary Magdelane (sp?) were not shut out from the power structure of the early church of the troglodytian christians), but, and, where, and if?   

       If you read it, you will know, there have been terrible mistakes made.   

       (and for zeno --- no. absolutlely not.) You will respond, with lightning fast reflexes according to your training -- the moral and just in a blink of an eye castes your spirit in dilemas such to entangle you , yet the more complex, the more caronalistic you resolve.   

       The pure, the true, .. The dark, the deceiving, in the blink of an eye change place. Hold to your center.   

       Read Kasparov vs Karpov!
Zimmy, Sep 05 2005

       I wondere if and when someone (possibly THEM) will get around to creating a game where you play as Jesus. I imagine it would be somewhat similar to the Matrix with less kung fu and more redemption.
hidden truths, Sep 06 2005

       Ahh man that sounds like my heaven quest idea I wrote years ago.
travbm, Oct 29 2015


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