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NES ROM cartridge

Every game in a single grey rectangle
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Video game emulators are great for their ability to instantly swap between every game ever made, but they just don't feel like the original. Even with proper controls and video output, a computer still can't perfectly emulate the original.

NES carts are fairly simple devices: a couple of data ROM chips are read through the address lines. The system takes care of all the processing. Simply build a circuit to map the NES addresses to a removable flash memory card filled with game ROMs. A small "game" built into the cart takes care of all the game switching.

The device itself is little more than a switchbox, requiring users to supply the ROMs, thus avoiding pesky lawsuits. Although it wouldn't support save states, it can be used for cheating. But best of all, it has perfect zapper support.

Aq_Bi, Sep 17 2005

C64 Joystick containing 30 classic games http://www.amazon.c...51-7555051?v=glance
I know it's not quite the same, but I did think it was pretty cool. [zen_tom, Sep 18 2005]

"Emulabob" _22Emulabob_22
the same thing only in your hand!let it simmer and dont mind the spelling the editor is on her way [toomer34, Jan 28 2006]


       i see this is pefectly posible to do by you self   

       1. get flash drive 2.downloademulators 3. mod 1 game cart 4.soder and programe (simple) 5.plug and play   

toomer34, Jan 28 2006

       This is baked, specifically for the NES. Saw the page again within the last few days. It's a homebrew project, but from memory it looked fairly simple.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 29 2006


       always good to see good things agian!
toomer34, Jan 30 2006


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