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all the sims in one

all lthe sims in one. the sims sims city sims helicopter sims streets
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I what the creators of sims to put all there games together. So that while your a mayor of a great city (sims city) you also live at hom and do all the things avalable in the sims and all expantions. you could be the police man (the streets of sims city). You could fly a helicopter finding the news (sims Helicopter). you could run a zoo and all those other sims games ever made all put in to one some how.
John_R_123, Feb 11 2004

OK, here you go. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spore_(game)
Albeit on a scale not envisioned by the poster or the annotators. [jutta, Mar 28 2006]


       uh, get a life?
ghillie, Feb 11 2004

       if I had my way the sims would have stopped with sim city 2k. past that it stopped beoming a video game and became a dependancy.
Space-Pope, Feb 11 2004

       <rant> I can't micromanage my OWN life - what in god's name makes you think it would be any fun on a computer-generated character? </r>   

       I'm not a big fan of the Sims, but I don't see how this would be super bad idea. Aside from the inherently bad premise of the game itself ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 11 2004

       Not an altogether bad idea but sounds a bit like GTA Vice City.   

       You like these all in one games John. Perhaps you guys should spend less time on the consoles and more time learning to type.   

       Sorry, bones from me.
PainOCommonSense, Feb 12 2004

       Damn I thought this was *all the sins in one*.
Hey ho.
nichpo, Feb 12 2004

       ya ok ok i do like all in ones pain. and i guess my life is pathetic. i like this becouse the chances of me flying a helicopter, being a mayor or a rock star and proble not even drive so ya this is the best i can get.   

       Pathetic hu....
John_R_123, Feb 23 2004

       This is not that far off, actually - I could see this being The Sims 4 (or so) - Sims 2 already expands the micromanagement bubble and I know they are working on controlling your sim @ work - They just need a simpler interface and some innovative ideas (But, I really doubt I would play it - who needs 2+ entire lives? ;P )
JackandJohn, Apr 13 2004

       Yes commonsense... The sims... WITH VIOLENCE! HUZZAH!
CaptainWes, May 02 2004


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