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i think its revalutionary dont you?
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This portable hand-held device would play all games, all games. Every one of them. It would cost somewhere around 400 dollars and comes with every console emulator up to XboX (1).

The games could be purchased online from a special web page on the device. The Internet would of curse be wireless. There would be to screens on touch screen and an LCD screen the touch screen (TS) would flip out from the bottom. This is a color TS and it could not only pose as the DS's touch screen but as a keyboard too.

The online play would not be limited to people on the "emulabob" you would be able to access your XboX live account from the emulator and play on line with people at the house. There are 4 USB ports, 2 small, and 2 normal, 2 different memery stick slots, and 2 60GB hard drives (HDs) one is removable. 1 HDs is for the emulators and the second is for the games.

The upgrades are done buy sending it in for hard wear upgrades and downloading OS upgrades. All emulators and games are backed up in the main database website were all "the emulabobs" are registered there are also games on it right out of the box games up to "saga gen" and "satern" all the way back to colicovition.

This idea seems so good that when i get the time and effort i am going to find an antroprnure to fund the proto type. But they need money in access of 10,000$ and extreme knowledge of computer programming.

toomer34, Jan 28 2006

game tap http://www.gametap....en%26q%3Dgame%2Btap
its this idea for your computer and not hand-held [toomer34, Jan 29 2006]

GP2X wiki.gp2x.org
The GP2X does a good job for less than $200 [Spacecoyote, May 08 2007]


       That's quite a wish list.   

       When all is said and done, it's a box that runs emulators to run games?
half, Jan 28 2006

       with internet!
toomer34, Jan 28 2006

       No, i dont think its revalutionary.   

       Lots of spelling mistakes. Also please put a paragraph break (or two) somewhere in the first bit.
dbmag9, Jan 28 2006

       you know i did check it with word but i guess thats still not enugh   

       this is why i left in the first place people only saw the erors in my typing not the idea.   

       you could at least give some constructive critasisum   

toomer34, Jan 28 2006

       there you happy   

       now start bashing the idea istead of the creator
toomer34, Jan 28 2006

       I don't mind small spelling and grammatical mistakes, it's human to err. But when it is hard for me to fully follow what is written, then revisions need to be made. And I sincerely doubt that you checked it with Word: "memery, antroprnure, etc." If you just do a quick re-read of what you have written you will find all kinds of mistakes that are easily fixed, such as one instead of on, hardware instead of hard wear, and so forth.   

       On an idea standpoint, this seems like a WIBNI to me. And there is a machine that houses all emulators; it's called a computer. You can download any emulator you want. Bone.   

       I don't know... There's a certain catchy logic to this spelling.
"Antroprnure" is so good that I've been tempted to work it into a tag line.
"Putting the "ant" in "antroprnure"?
jutta, Jan 28 2006

       //now start bashing the idea istead of the creator//   

       OK, then.   

       Firstly, this leaves no room for improvement in games. If we say that there is a new console every year (slight exageration), this will become obsolete within a year.   

       Secondly, this does not allow for inter-company competition. Games will therefore stagnate and not progress.   

       Thirdly, the companies will not agree to having their games put on a website, nor for their features to be built into a machine. Think massive, massive, copyright and patent wars.   

       Is that enough constructive criticism for you?   

       Thanks for adding paragraph breaks, and for correcting a couple of mistakes. How old are you? You should realise by now that Word does not have a spell checker that works how you want it to. It just guesses what you mean. You have now got even more mistakes, I believe, although they are in meaning rather than spelling.   

       With regards to your accusation of my arguments being ad hominem, they were actually directed about your writing style, not you yourself. I'm sure that you are a lovely person in real life. I hope.   

       It may be that you have difficulties in spelling. I'm sorry about that. However, doing the extra bit to make your writing presentable shows thoughtfulness and makes the reader instantly like you more. It's like turning up to school with proper uniform etc. It shows that you respect the school and its teachers.   

       EDIT: When I wrote this, it was straight after toomer34, my esteemed chum, wrote the line quoted at the beginning of this anno. But two people got in the way. jutta, how about 'antroprnure's wanted'
dbmag9, Jan 28 2006

jutta, Jan 28 2006

       when i used word it cheacked for spelling and gramer errors i looked at each one it gave it seemed right to me   

       maybe i was wrong(exuse spelling errors in this message for i didn't feel that it was important to be a good speller or Writer in the young years. as such i have atruchus spelling but i am very articulate when i speek. witch is another reson i left, nobody understood me, i basiclly gave up. i thought i had improved, but i guess i have some more work to do. that could explain my lack of ideas, i dont want my really amazing ideas to be ruined with bad spelling)   

       as for copy rights its a thired party game sistem and all the games would be purchased at retail price with a download fee.   

       up to date i coverd hardwear updates along with OS ones, but you would have to Buy the emulators for new consles and download them from the web page in your emulabob it would then be in your acount record forever. like a steam acount only not as bad.   

       a computer is a god alternative but the DS emulators are not as good as having a real DS.
toomer34, Jan 28 2006


       Poor Hemmingway, Steinbeck, Twain and all the others are rolling over in their graves over that last one.   

       //i didn't feel that it was important to be a good speller or Writer in the young years// Especially over that.   

       excuse me for not lieing and telling you i am dislecsic   

       you know i thought i could get by with word but now i am trying to rebiuld almost 10 years of bad spelling habits.   

       why do my ideas go this way all the time   

       i am glad that next week there will ether be an MFD or i think i can help you out with this idea toomer!
toomer34, Jan 28 2006

       You want help? Do what I do when I am unsure of the spelling or usage of a word.   

       Go to Dictionary.com, input the word, and see if it comes up. Read the definition, and see if it is the right word that you are looking for.   

       Unless you do things like this [toomer], your spelling and grammar will never get better. You can't expect it to magically go away, that's asinine. The more ideas, annotations, etc. that you correct, the better your spelling and grammar skills will become.   


       that was a good conversation and i think that after this i will try to do all i can to make the conversation about the idea and not my spelling!   

       sound good?
toomer34, Jan 28 2006

       I'm not trying to offend [toomer], with the last post I was honestly trying to help. My parents were both English professors, so it is my nature to focus on grammar and spelling. When I was in high school, I would tutor people in English.   

       My point is, the less grammatical and spelling errors there are, the easier it is to focus solely on the idea. When it is difficult to read, it makes it a hundred times more difficult to understand and comprehend.   

       I dunno if suggestions would even help someone avoid comprehension errors, so I won't even try. Case in point, my text entry box spell checker gave me the default correction just over 50% of the time; therefore, a true context check would be required to avoid such corrections as "dont" changed to "dint". *sigh*   

       Any Emulabob would require a more massive CPU than most home computers, for the simple reason that competitive game designers put more into their games than is needed for simple incompatibility with the other box makers' machines. Do you not believe that software from, say, Playstation™, is designed to crash and burn an XBox™ console; or, vice versa? Remember that designers are a crusty and elitist lot.
reensure, Jan 29 2006

       \\ There are 4 USB ports, 2 small, and 2 normal, 2 different memery stick slots, and 2 60GB hard drives (HDs) one is removable\\ Seems a lot to ask of a hand-held device.   

       This would involve a lot of money in copyright fees from the individual companies for a 3rd party company to afford. Especially considering the infrastructure that would be involved in production, I would expect it to be more suited to a company that already makes consoles. Of those around currently I would say best placed would be Nintendo as they have the most extensive back-catalogue and their past seems far more illustrious than their present. Sega have suggested that their days of console manufacture are behind them so they could feasibly licence the rights to their consoles and games for a cut of the profits.
hidden truths, Jan 29 2006

       I do not believe grammatical perfection or spelling are absolute necessities in conveying a half baked idea.
llenk, Jan 29 2006

       No one is asking for perfection, just the ability to read it without going, "Wait, what was that?"   

       i am not at all offended, if it seems so i am sorry. infact i find it somwat funny, the things people say i said. not to be mean its just funny those stupid little mistakes i make that i don't see. as for the idea well, if the companys didn't want this to happen why game tap?   

       see link.
toomer34, Jan 29 2006

       The problem is what everyone has been saying: copyright issues. You can get emulators, no problem. They are illegal though. You could probably make a console that has every emulator from NES to Jaguar to Xbox, but it would never go to a legitimate market. People would buy them illegally though, just like they get their Xbox's modded illegally.   

       //I don't know... There's a certain catchy logic to this spelling. "Antroprnure" is so good that I've been tempted to work it into a tag line. "Putting the "ant" in "antroprnure"?// - jutta   

       I can't quite resolve how to best implement "Antroprnure" either, but I'm also quite taken (albeit, aback) by the speckchell.   

       That said, how about the somewhat comical "toomer" as part of a hb logic tagline, as if were a *tumor* (but, in a good way, as if a doc would say, "you've got a toomer - be glad it's not a tumor"). In tandem with the "me too" syndrome that pervades, "toomer" is rife with possibilities.
thumbwax, Jan 29 2006

       I'm starting to like you more and more, DeliveranceRiverBoatCaptain.
dbmag9, Jan 29 2006

       Possible, in the sense that my home computer has software which can emulate the BBC Microcomputer and (using MAME) any arcade game of a certain vintage. However, it will be unaffordable: To emulate a hardware device in software needs hardware vastly faster and more powerful than the hardware you're trying to emulate. Therefore it follows that if something like the XBox360 uses the most powerful hardware it can without costing more than the appropriate price point for a games console, something which can emulate the XBox360 might cost a hundred times more.
hippo, Jan 29 2006

       Not neccesarily [hippo]. First of all, the Xbox 360 has 3 3.2 ghz processors. Not that "modern" by today's standards, and it is the most powerful of all gaming systems out right now. The flaw, making emulators easier, is that no game EVER took full advantage out of the original Xbox even; that's why you get better graphics sometimes from a Gamecube even though it is less powerful. So if a game uses about 60% of the full power of a system, all you need is 60% of the system's power to run it. Thus making emulators easily run on any modernized computer.   

       [EDIT]- Oh, and thanks [dbmag9]. I don't know if I am worthy enough oh great one. :o)   

       toomer is an old game name along with others such as Omog.   

       now i am Short_Buss   

       you people are harsh but that, i think is why this place was made. (so you didn't have to see the face of the person who is bashing you)   

       the next gen nintendo same prossesor but with softwear that makes it better. its pritty sweet!
toomer34, Jan 30 2006


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