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Christmas Tree TV

A Christmas ornament that plays only christmas TV shows.
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A small, lightweight flatscreen TV Christmas tree ornament that could be hung from your christmas tree so that everyone could pass by and breifly watch christmas TV shows.

It could run on the power from your Christmas lights it plugs into, and might only weigh about a quarter pound. It could also use microchips in the back of the TV to store the programs and when one show is over, it switches to another. The screen could be about 2" big but small enough not to weigh alot, or else it would pull down the branch. On the side there would be little built in speakers that are loud enough to let everyone hear it clearly when up close enough.

paperclip987, Nov 09 2004


       Sounds amazingly expensive for an ornament, but that generally doesn't stop people from buying things.
Worldgineer, Nov 09 2004

       Oooh, I like that much better than pre-set generic christmas videos.
Worldgineer, Nov 09 2004

       oh for goodness sake! -1 sorry.
po, Nov 09 2004

       Oh, and I thought this was going to be a video of a Christmas tree to have on the telly screen if one doesn't have room for an actual tree in the house, sort of like the crackling fire video that came out a few years back. Your idea's not bad, though, [clip].
Machiavelli, Nov 10 2004


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