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Fairy light tangle stopper

To stop those darn lights creating antique crochet of themselves in storage
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You carefully coil up the lights at the end of the Christmas season and place them back into the box so that NEXT year they wont be tangled up, but somehow the little crochet fairy gets in there and twists it all up so when you re-open them the next year you have to spend hours trying to untangle the web of wires and lights again.

This time saving device prevents all of the above frustrating tomfoolery!

Its a folding plastic board that has little clips on it so as you wind the cord around it the clips hold the cords in place, so each wrap around gets clipped down and held, the it rolls up to save space. This is now a tangle free zone and can be placed into a box with hard outer surface and soft interior (to protect the bulbs) all ready for next year.

Hoooray i want one now!

UK_inthe_NZ, Jan 14 2006


       I used the inside of a kitchen paper roll and just wound the wire around it complete with a few slips of cellotape then popped the whole thing in a plastic bag.
po, Jan 14 2006

       ([Wags] Can I borrow your finger for a sec?) Wags finger. (Adopts a Leslie Judd appearance)   

       One of the common mistakes people make when winding cables is that they put twists in; by holding the thing the cables attached to, and wind the wire onto it. (replaces Wags finger. Hands him some glue, in the same way they used to do in Blue Peter).   

       (as po points out) Take a cardboard tube. Get a grown up to cut a little notch at one end, to hold the start (near the plug-end).   

       With both hands holding the tube, rotate the tube, and wrap the cable around, like this. (Puts the tangled mess to one side, and get a beautiful one from off camera)   

       Here's one I did earlier.   

       - If you're using an old cable, dangling the cable from a high place while wrapping, allows the twists which a are already in the wire to drop out.   

       BTW-A similar technique can be used for winding Yoyos, without putting twists in the string.   

       (While shaking Shep off leg, inadvertently kicks Petra.)
Dub, Jan 14 2006

       A figure 8 winding puts no twist in it.   

       Except it doesn't work for yoyos.
Ling, Jan 14 2006

       If you usually wind right-handed, wind left-handed.
Shz, Jan 14 2006

       I've lost the thread
po, Jan 14 2006

       I usually leave these out every year in the nearest tree and a bird comes along, like what it sees, and makes a real nest out of it. I then stretch out an extension lead and plug it in again... the birds love all that extra heat from the bulbs and they look great at night.
xenzag, Jan 14 2006

       Martha "po" Stewart. Excellent idea! I'm gonna try that next year when you email me and remind me to do it.
blissmiss, Jan 14 2006

       I don't change my decorations: I just change houses.
Ling, Jan 15 2006


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