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Floating Christmas Tree

We're floating through the air...
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Christmas trees made out of balloons are baked. We made one ourselves this year, putting a dab of superglue on each balloon to hold the structure together.

What is not baked, yet, is the idea of putting helium balloons inside the hollow centre of a balloon tree and thereby making the tree float.

According to the link, an inflated party balloon weighs about 1.5g. A helium party balloon can lift about 14g, so that suggests we'd need maybe 8 helium balloons to lift our tree (made from about 70 normal party balloons). Let's round it up to 10 so we can keep a piece of tinsel or two wrapped around the tree. This seems doable, and a floating Christmas tree would make a nice Christmas decoration.

Plus, if your tree is floating, all the more room for presents underneath.

imaginality, Dec 20 2009

(?) Aerodynamics of a party balloon http://docs.google....2kUZVZd03NkUMAQ4ZnA
[imaginality, Dec 20 2009]

Balloon tree http://s171.photobu...ent=balloontree.jpg
Our balloon tree [imaginality, Dec 20 2009]


       How did this idea drop like a stone? We need more helium stat!   

       No kidding. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Dec 26 2012

       Yeah but did you hear about the helium shortage that is expected to happen? I heard it on the news. So this idea is grand, but maybe using more of it's fair share. Oh well +
blissmiss, Dec 26 2012


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