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Christo and Jeanne-Claude to end global warming

Hire the artists to change the albedo of the planet
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Hire Christo and Jeanne-Claude to wrap the planet in left over white bedsheets and those plastic grocery store bags to increase planetary albedo and reduce the effects of global warming.
jhomrighaus, Aug 12 2006


       Clearly I'm particularly cultured. My first reaction to //Jeanne-Claude// was what an action film star had to do with art.
hidden truths, Aug 12 2006

       Complaints pour in from across the globe--"When I woke this morning, water was lapping at my knees. The dog was floating around dead. What the fuck's going on? Wasn't Jeanne-Claude supposed to do something?"
But alas, for aesthetic reasons, Jeanne-Claude had wrapped the world in mauve bedsheets, saying, "It's been blue for too long."
ldischler, Aug 12 2006

       "to end global warNing"? That has some deep layers of funny.
zeno, Aug 12 2006

       sorry it was really late when I came up with this(which appears to have been a mistake)
jhomrighaus, Aug 12 2006

       [hidden truths]   

       You're not alone...I imagined Jean-Claude Van Damme beating down a generic bad guy (CFC's) while the song 'Only in America' plays in the background.
jellydoughnut, Aug 12 2006

       Bun, from one creator of a silly anti-global warming idea to another. At least your's is more recognizable as a joke and is in fact, much funnier anyway.
Hunter79764, Aug 12 2006

       Good idea. Geo-engineering should be combined with geo-art. But I fear that American conservatives might object to pink sheets spanning the globe. They will argue that aliens would think this is some gay planet.
django, Aug 12 2006

       Christo and Jeanne-Claude will be so sad to hear it's only a joke. They've probably been hoping to wrap at least a small continent like Australia for years.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 13 2006

       thanks {hunter} it was your idea that sparked it.
jhomrighaus, Aug 13 2006


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