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Chronically beeping keychain

Keep track of the time and never lose your keys again!
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My digital watch chimes on the hour every hour. It is the primary way I tell the time, much like a peasant or a sailor listening for a bell. I have begun experimenting with leaving my watch on my keyring so that I can still hear the chimes and subconsciously keep track of time without relying on checking the face. Additionally, I never lose my watch/keychain because if I am unsure of where it is I simply make sure to listen on the top of the hour and then track down the inevitable BEEP-BEEP. I think the ideal solution would simply be a faceless fob that regularly chimes on the hour so that you can know the time without a cumbersome watch (but still have the option of wearing one) and have a passive key- locating device (as long as you're not in a particular hurry). For those who lose their keys more often or would like to track time more accurately, the Chronically Beeping Keychain could be set to smaller increments like 20 minutes or even as small as 5 if you hate having any measure of peace and quiet
mace, Jul 30 2021


       Need it.   

       Still need a button or two to reset the time, mine drifts a second or two every month which drives me nuts.
pocmloc, Jul 30 2021

       // Still need a button or two to reset the time, mine drifts a second or two every month which drives me nuts. // My watch is solar powered and syncs it's clock every night to the radio signals from the atomic clock. It has buttons for setting time zones and other functions, but for the device in this idea that simply beeps once an hour, time zones don't matter, so it could be a very simple. On second thought, if you have it on your keychain instead of your wrist, solar cells probably won't be effective and you'll need a way to change the battery.
scad mientist, Jul 30 2021

       This would have prevented us from having to shell out a bunch of moola last week to purchase a new fob and set of bike keys for me. I lost mine and it was the only set I had.   

       (Later, for those who are following this saga, my husband sat down to watch tv and found the keys on the side of the cushion, within a chair I very rarely ever use. I'm blaming the poltergeist so my husband doesn't expect me to reimburse for the cost of expensive copies that had to be made.)
blissmiss, Jul 31 2021

       Mechanical self winding watches are a thing. I'm not sure if there are any that use normal motion to charge, but there probably could be as long as the energy demands are low.   

       That being said, I'd want a programmable version so I could set it not to go off while sleeping.
MechE, Aug 02 2021

       Yes, electric watches charged by motion exist. I forgot about those. Google "kinetic watch" or "automatic quartz watch". That would probably work better than solar for a keychain fob.
scad mientist, Aug 03 2021

       [MechE] you only /think/ you want it off while you're asleep until you begin counting the beeps in your dreams and no longer need an alarm clock to wake up
mace, Aug 03 2021

       I want a "chronically beekeeping keychain" which contains a portal to a beehive. may result in bees.
sninctown, Aug 03 2021


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